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Mayor-elect John Tory Wants Opponents Olivia Chow, David Soknacki On His Team

Posted on 30 October 2014 by admin

John Tory wants Olivia Chow and David Soknacki to be part of his administration at city hall when he transitions into the mayor’s chair in December.
“Olivia I had a brief conversation with last night, obviously on the phone. And I’ve obviously said some things publicly, which I meant — which is that I would like to find a way for both of them to participate in some way,” Tory said of Chow and Soknacki in a phone interview Tuesday morning. “In Olivia’s case, you know I don’t want to violate a private conversation, but she said she’s going to take a bit of a rest as any sane person would.”
Just how Chow and others might contribute is yet to be decided.
Tory said it’s not that he wants to have every candidate offered a role.
“I honestly believe people who have enough gumption and passion to run for public office are people that obviously care a lot about the city,” he said. “We need them all to be given whatever chance they like to do something.”

Soknacki has returned to his business in spice extracts, but Tory said they have been in touch by phone since he dropped out of the race in September.
Tory said the offer still stands for mayoral candidate Karen Stintz, who also dropped out before the election.
As for his transition, which starts this morning after rising at 5 a.m. to do a series of interviews post-victory, the team is already being assembled.
Tory said Case Ootes, the former deputy mayor, is in charge of the transition team. Ootes, who also led Rob Ford’s transition team in 2010, endorsed Tory for mayor earlier this summer. A list of those who will assist on that team is expected imminently, Tory said.
Though Tory refused to comment on who amongst his campaign staff might be tapped for his office, he did confirm Nick Kouvalis — the strategist who helped Ford get elected four years ago — will not be among them.
“He is somebody that I talk to a lot about different things, but he’s also got a business that he wants to get back to and he made that very clear to me from, sort of, before he started and during the campaign,” Tory said.
Tory will be sworn in next month.

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