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Canada-God’s own country!

Posted on 25 December 2014 by admin

Lachman Balani


Ashes to ashes! Dust to dust!

Nanga aaye, nanga jayenge (we came naked and so shall we go)!

During the yuletide season, many people of all cultures donate something or the other to their favourite charity and count their blessings for the opportunities Canada has provided them.

Many who came to Canada 30 to 40 years ago reminisce how they had hardly anything when they arrived, promising themselves they will make a better life for them and their families. They worked hard, scrimped and saved, saw their kids through school and also squirreled away enough money for their retirement and to leave a legacy for their offspring.

 At the same time they also enjoyed short vacations to nearby countries like the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and more, having lived very full and eventful lives, something they feel they would never have been able to accomplish in their homelands.

Not only that, ever since they arrived, there have been open and clean spaces, excellent schools and fantastic infrastructure, relatively little pollution, great homes they have lived in, nice cars they have driven, plentiful food, amazing amenities, free medical care in good hospitals, freedom of speech and more.

Now they have reached the point where they wish to leave a financial legacy for their children, much like they would have done in their home countries to ensure the livelihood of their children, only to find their children are on their own two feet, have bought their own home, own cars and have all the necessary amenities possible.

“Canada has been good to us” says a couple from India.” When we left in the 70s, India was in terrible shape with little future for us lower middle class people. We came here and now we have a mortgage free home, a pension plan for when we retire, our own savings and we want to leave something for our children, but they seem disinterested saying that even they have everything. They are telling us to go on a world tour and on cruises and to spend the money on ourselves and enjoy. This is what God intended. He did not want us to hoard money like they did in India and they still do because of so much insecurity. Here we can do what is said in our scriptures. We came naked and we will go naked. While we are here, we have worked hard and also enjoyed. Now we even have enough to donate to charity, which is also what God intended us to do.”

“What they are saying is true”, chimes in a couple from Peru. “Over there in our homeland, it is tough to earn enough to have a good life and go to restaurants and have a nice two storey home and still have enough to give to charity. We are so glad we came here.

“Exactly,” echoes a mixed couple, one spouse from Sri Lanka and the other from the Philippines. “We came with nothing, made enough to buy a nice home, live a good healthy life and now our children are enjoying the same. We are donating to charity and when we die we will have nothing or practically nothing. This is what the Lord prescribed. We are in the promised land.”

And thus go the stories at the round of Christmas gatherings this winter. Everybody seems happy and is in a giving mood, very much thankful to Canada, the land of the Gods!


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