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The Truth About Bullying and What We Can Do About It

Posted on 26 February 2015 by admin

Pink Shirt Day will soon be upon us. On February 25th, we are being encouraged to wear something pink to unite us in working together to prevent bullying in our schools, in our communities, and online. I’m very glad to know that we, as a society, are continuing to take this issue seriously — it affects more people every day than we could ever know.

Why Does Bullying Continue?

Bullies bully because they can–because they are allowed to get away with it. When we don’t stop a bully, we give the message that it’s okay for the aggression to continue since there will be no consequences.

I also believe that bullying is an addiction. We use addictive behaviours to mask what we feel –generally about our own low self-esteem and dissatisfaction about our lives. Anything can become an addiction if we are using it for that purpose: drugs, alcohol, food, TV, smoking, gambling, excessive spending, gaming, sex, co-dependency in relationships — the list goes on and on. Until we’re willing to look within and become healthier emotionally, addiction just becomes more and more widespread and progressive, often with personal and worldwide catastrophic consequences.

How Are We Enabling Bullying to Continue?

On a smaller but still very damaging, scale, we all know that bullying is happening right under our noses on a daily basis. Why are we allowing other people’s children to hurt our children? Why are we teaching our children — by our own aggressive role modelling — that it’s natural to disrespect and injure others? Do we think they don’t hear us when we scream at other drivers from the relative safety of our own cars? What must they be learning when they see us physically and verbally abusing those around us, sometimes even their own other parent or sibling? Are we in so much denial that we’ve learned how to pretend that our actions don’t affect others, sometimes in horrific ways? How are we explaining this to ourselves — and how could any rational lies we might tell ourselves make this behaviour even close to being okay?

And if we don’t make that choice — if we choose instead to do nothing because we don’t want to make waves or because we believe we’re worthless or powerless — we will have no one to blame but ourselves for this horrific behaviour continuing to spiral even more out of control, ad infinitum.

Which choice will you make?

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