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RaNBIR KapooR to reshoot some scenes of ‘Jagga Jasoos’?

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Buzz is that Ranbir Kapoor will be reshooting some portions of Anurag Basu’s film, ‘Jagga Jasoos’, in June-July.

Apparently, the star and the filmmaker got into a bit of introspection and felt that it was best to rework certain scenes before the post-production begins.

The film went on the floors in 2013, and its release date kept getting pushed back. The film is now scheduled to release in November-end.

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Kyra Replaces Sunny In XXX

Posted on 30 April 2015 by admin


Apparently, newcomer Kyra Dutt has replaced Sunny Leone to bag a prominent role in Ekta Kapoor’s XXX

Looks like Sunny Leone has got some tough competition! If sources are to be believed, newcomer Kyra Dutt has bagged Ekta Kapoor’s XXX which was initially offered to Sunny. The Kolkatta-based Kyra won Kingfisher Model hunt in the year 2013 and has done ad campaigns with Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham and Akshay Kumar.

Beginning this year, there were reports that the porn star turned Bollywood actress will be seen in India’s first youth erotica, XXX to be directed by Ken Ghosh.

A source close to the project informs, `Considering the fact that Sunny had worked with Balaji Motion Pictures in Ragini MMS 2, it was quite obvious for the makers to consider Sunny for XXX, which is India’s first youth erotica. But things didn’t work out this time and the newcomer Kyra has impressed the makers and bagged the role which was supposed to be played by Sunny.`

`Kyra is quite a popular name in the modeling circuit and with Ekta Kapoor’s XXX, she’s one of the most promising models turned actresses in Bollywood,` adds the source. XXX is a compilation of five different stories that explore various angles of sexuality, starring a bunch of new comers.

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Yami looks back at ‘Vicky Donor’ days

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“Vicky Donor”, a simple film that touched upon the sensitive topic of sperm donation in a light and enter- taining manner with the spark of Ayushmann Khurrana and charm of Yami Gautam, clocked three years on Monday. “Happy Vicky Donor day! Big hug for your love guys &making it trend! And always a big thank you @ShoojitSircar sir,” Yami tweeted on Monday. Directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by John Abraham, the film revolved around infertility, sperm donation and artificial insemination. In the 2012 film, Yami plays a Bengali girl who falls in love with Vicky Arora (Ayushmann), who donates sperm. Yami was last seen in a small role opposite Varun Dhawan in film “Badlapur”.

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Nandita Dias: Enjoying guiding young minds

Posted on 24 April 2015 by admin


Nandita Dias will be entertaining people from around the Greater Toronto Area and around on April 26th. This young but inspirational artist has a BA from University of Toronto. She is double majors in English and Spanish Literature and a minor in French Literature. She has literary as well as social influences while growing up. Nandita’s father, Franky Dias, is a writer (Taste of Water, Buddha in Rush Hour) and a banker. Her mom is a social worker.

Generation Next interviewed this young artist:

Why be a singer?

When I was a baby, it was difficult to get me to go to sleep. My dad used to play Kishori Amonkar’s Raga Bhoop to lull me to sleep. I still have it emblazoned in my mind. Since then, I’ve been hooked to music and studied Carnatic, Opera and Jazz Vocals.

What is it for you? American music or Indian music?

Inevitably both; I am Indo-Canadian and my music reflects my hybrid identity combined with French and Latin music.

Why do you think many modern songs & music videos are not like evergreen songs & music videos of the past?

Many songs of the past were not evergreen; some were quite bad. Only the timeless songs survived and that may be why it appears this way. There is superb modern music that will become the future’s evergreen songs in years to come.

Do you believe art is for entertainment or for social awareness?

Art does not have to be either. It could be for the artist. Just as reading feeds our minds, creating nourishes our souls. I believe that effective art both entertains and spreads awareness.

What’s your family’s reaction to your profession choice?

My family is my support system and is behind me a hundred percent.

Is it a profession where you can make money? 


Do good looks matter? Do they get you into the door?

Lata Mangeshkar didn’t have good looks but she had a beautiful and sweet voice. If you are effective at what you do, people will pay attention.

How do you keep yourself fit?

I dance, swim and walk.

How much time do you spend on social media?

Very little.

What kind of pressures do you feel as a professional?

I am extremely busy and sometimes feel pressured to get everything done. Luckily, I work well under pressure.

Is the industry different for men vs. women?

Not in my experience.

How much pressure do you feel to maintain a certain figure and looks?


What and who do you turn to when depressed?

I am a pretty positive person so I wouldn’t say I get depressed but, when I am sad, I talk to my husband and my parents.

What would you like to change in the world. Do you associate yourself with any charity?

I encourage my students to accept and embrace other perspectives, be open minded and to treat others with compassion. I have put on benefit performances for SOS Children’s Villages International, Mujer, The Dhanbad Project and Free the Children. I have participated in events put on by Human Rights Watch, the Working Skills Centre, the Elspeth Hayworth Centre for Women and India Rainbow.

Your favourite male artists: Louis Armstrong, Cigala, Camaron de la isla, Chucho Valdes, Arturo Sandoval

Your favourite female artists: Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Buika, Omara Portuondo, Amy Winehouse, Adele and Alicia Keys

Why did you decide to become a teacher and what do you enjoy most about it?

I absolutely love children and they love me. I also enjoy guiding and educating young people.

Tell us about your upcoming concert and new album?

My album release concert is happening Sunday, April 26th at The Mod Club (722 College Street). Tickets are $10, the doors open at 5 PM and the show starts at 6 PM.

The songs on my album were composed by my father and I. The album features multiple music genres (Pop, Rock, Jazz and World Music), many languages (English, Spanish, French, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi) and meaningful lyrics about relationships and making our world a better place.

My father, Franky Dias, will also launch his second book, “Buddha In Rush Hour” at the event, which is about finding serenity in times of stress.

Both his books, “Buddha In Rush Hour” and “The Taste of Water,” are available at

My album, “Let Us Lose Track of Time,” is available on iTunes.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Singing, being a principal, traveling and with children of my own.

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Improve Your Self-Confidence Be mindful of your thoughts

Posted on 24 April 2015 by admin

Recognize what you give your attention to and acknowledge how that makes you feel. Here’s a little food for thought: you may be familiar with the concept that whatever you put out into the world is what you will get back. The more positively you think and act, the more open you will be to receive the positive things that come into your life.

Self-deprecating thoughts can be hard to shake, especially if you have some tough situations in your life. It’s important to remember to cut yourself some slack. The next time you’re feeling down on yourself, just remember: you probably wouldn’t speak so harshly about your worst enemy, so why are you treating yourself like this?

Cancel negative thoughts

Once you’re aware of your negative thoughts, catch yourself in the act, and cancel them. Cancelling your negative thoughts is a big step in the right direction to building your confidence. You may not be completely ready to start recognizing your positive attributes, and that’s okay — that will come with time. But focusing on removing the negativity from your life and creating a more neutral mind set will work wonders.

The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong 

It’s important to understand that confidence is a state of mind. It’s an attitude that signifies you are happy with yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve recently worked a campaign with GoodLife Fitness called “The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong,” which aims to change the conversation on positive self-perception.

Learn the art of positive affirmation

Short positive statements known as “affirmations,” can be used anytime, anywhere to help remind and reboot your brain to be positive. Affirmations are most effective when said out loud and repeated over and over. If you catch yourself thinking “I hate exercise,” stop yourself. Instead try thinking something like “Exercise is good for me and I will feel better after I do it!”

Recognize your strengths

The people you are close with will be able to acknowledge great things about you that you may not have ever realized. Celebrate your strengths! These are things to be proud of and it’s important to give yourself the proper recognition for all the great qualities you possess.

Here is a cathartic exercise worth trying: on a piece of paper, write down any negative thoughts or negative feelings you are experiencing. Next tear up that piece of paper, acknowledging out loud that you no longer wish to hold on to those negative emotions and are releasing them.

Experiences and accomplishments
Always start by setting small goals; when you achieve them, your confidence will increase. It always feels great to check something off your list or successfully do something you’ve always wanted to do. Little by little you will begin to pile up the successes and this cannot help but give your confidence a boost.

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Conservative government unveils scattershot election budget

Posted on 24 April 2015 by admin

Conservative government unveils scattershot election budget

Families, small-business owners, seniors and combating terrorism are among the priorities highlighted in the federal budget.

Finance Minister Joe Oliver zeroed in on the needs of families, small business owners, cities, seniors and others in a scattergun budget that will carry the federal Conservatives into this fall’s national election campaign.

Savers will benefit from an expansion of the annual contribution limit for Tax-Free Savings Accounts to $10,000. Seniors will be able to keep more of their retirement nest eggs in registered income funds. And families with children will wind up with hundreds of extra dollars in their pockets as a result of new tax breaks and richer government handouts.

Responding to demands for more federal help to address the gridlock paralyzing Toronto and other cities, Oliver is for the first time earmarking funds for major public transit projects. But the money, which will rise by 2019 to $1 billion a year, won’t begin flowing until 2017, when it will amount to $250 million, rising to $500 million in 2018.

Oliver defended the timing of the transit funding, saying the money “will be ready when it’s needed.

“These are big projects, we’re talking about billion-dollar projects. They’re not shovel ready,” but the funding will be available when the projects get going, Oliver told reporters. He added that the $5 billion a year in other federal infrastructure funding is also ongoing.

Oliver, who had to postpone the budget to assess the impact on Ottawa’s bottom line of plummeting world oil prices, put an end as promised to seven years of consecutive Conservative budget deficits. For 2015, he projected a $1.4-billion surplus. However, squeezed by new spending and the negative hit on Ottawa’s bottom line from the oil price crisis, the government reduced its usual $3-billion rainy day fund to $1 billion.

“We have revenue greater than expenses, so we are in a surplus situation,” Oliver said, turning away suggestions that he had manipulated the books. He said the government’s spending restraint strategy over several years had put the Conservatives in a position to run a surplus despite the impact of falling oil prices.

While the budget allowed the Conservatives to fulfil most of their campaign promises from the 2011 election campaign, Oliver surprised observers by not announcing the adult fitness tax credit which Harper had pledged to bring in once the budget was balanced.

And although the economic package contained tax breaks and spending that impact a wide swath of the population, many of the new measures are based on a spending plan that postpones the largest benefits until a few years from now, with little or no increase in benefits in the immediate future.

With the economy forecast to grow at a tepid 2 per cent rate this year, Oliver sought to bolster business conditions and spur hiring by gradually reducing the small business tax rate, extending a tax break for manufacturers buying machinery and equipment and providing $1.5 billion over five years to support the government’s science, technology and innovation development program.

In keeping with the government’s security and anti-terrorism push, the budget increased funding for the military, the RCMP and CSIS.

The government also said it was committing $150 million over four years to support social housing and Oliver is extending Employment Insurance Compassionate Care benefits for those looking after gravely ill and dying family members.

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Liberals promise $1.6 billion for “transformational” Hurontario LRT

Posted on 24 April 2015 by admin

With her predecessor Hazel McCallion standing nearby, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie had trouble wiping off her ear-to-ear grin as Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca announced the province will pick up the entire $1.6 billion cost of the Hurontario LRT.

Calling it a “transformational” investment “that will become that north-south spine of a regionally integrated transit system,” Crombie promised the 26-stop LRT “will unleash the potential of our downtown.”

Construction will begin in 2018 and the LRT will be in service by 2022, said Del Duca.

The 23-kilometre light rail line will spur intensification along the Hurontario corridor and bring a decidedly urban flavour to the traditional 905-area bedroom communities.

It will also bring jobs and economic development, stressed Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey.

“These jobs mean everything. They are part of the future of Brampton,” she said.

“It’s important to make sure we don’t get stuck on municipal boundaries,” Del Duca told reporters, politicians and municipal staff who gathered at the Mississauga transit terminal at Square One Tuesday.

“The LRT really serves the people who work in the city of Brampton (and Mississauga). They don’t have the same kinds of travel options you get in downtown Toronto,” he said.

The light rail transit will carry 33 million people a year by 2031, said Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig. That compares with 66 million a year that GO currently carries although that system will double its ridership once it realizes its regional express rail electrification plan in about 10 years, he said.

The LRT riders will differ from the downtown Toronto commuters who ride GO, said McCuaig. The LRT, which will run from the Port Credit GO station in Mississauga to downtown Brampton, will offer an alternative to buses and cars for the low- and middle-income workers, who work within Peel Region.

Although the provincial announcement shows the LRT running along Brampton’s Main St. to the GO station in that community, Jeffrey said council has not yet approved a route along her city’s heritage district where some residents fear the modern transit will interfere with the downtown’s charm.

The announcement is the second major transit funding commitment Queen’s Park has made in the run-up to Thursday’s provincial budget.

Both appear geared to 905-area commuters.

On Friday Premier Kathleen Wynne promised $13.5 billion to the GO regional expressrail electrification project that is supposed to add 50 per cent more train service within the next five years and put 15-minute frequencies on core sections of the rail network by 2023.

That and the LRT will eat up most of the $16 billion the province has earmarked for Toronto region transit over the coming decade. But, referring to last week’s announcement that the government will sell assets such as Hydro One shares to fund infrastructure, Finance Minister Charles Sousa hinted there could be other revenue mechanisms in the budget for projects such as Toronto’s downtown relief subway.

It’s also still unclear which projects might qualify for federal funding, he added.

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Pakistani army priority: fighting internal terrorism or providing troops for Saudi Arabia

Posted on 24 April 2015 by admin


Dr. Hasan Askari


         The latest news on Pakistan’s role in the Middle East suggests that  Pakistan’s civilian and military authorities are thinking of making its navy available for the Saudi plan to blockade sea access to Yemen under the cover of the UN Security Council resolution so that the Houthis and their allies are not able to get weapons from outside.  Though the resolution has neither asked Saudi Arabia to enforce the blockade nor called upon other nations to support such a move, Saudi Arabia intends to pursue its regional agenda under the cover of this resolution.

        The Yemen crisis erupted gradually. It was in 2011 that protest and agitation began against the authoritarian regime of President Ali Abdallah Saleh (President since 1990). He was forced to quit in January 2012 and his Vice President Mansour Hadi replaced him in February 2012 as an interim arrangement.

  It was not long that anti-Hadi protest started which soon turned into a revolt led by the Houthis and their allies.  They entered the capital in September 2014 and soon forced Hadi to resign.

 By March 2015 the Houthis and their allies were able to virtually dominate the pro-Had troops in many parts of Yemen. It was then that Saudi Arabia decided to launch air attack on the Houthis and their allies to push them back and restore the government of Hadi who was then based in Saudi Arabia.

    The Saudi demand to Pakistan to provide military support involving the three services for its military operation in Yemen placed Pakistan in a difficult situation.  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, being personally obligated to the Saudi royal family, could not explain to the Saudis that the Pakistan military’s internal commitments are heavy due to the on-going war against terrorism and the pressures on the Pakistan-India borders and the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. He made an open-ended statement for support.

However, Nawaz Sharif did not make any effort to mobilize domestic support for that purpose and as being unable to decide the issue, he attempted to take refuge in the parliament. This attempt backfired because while expressing the support for the security of Saudi Arabia and the Holy Shrines, the parliamentary resolution did not favor dispatching Pakistani troops for fighting in Yemen.

      Pakistan’s Parliament as well as informed public opinion has adopted three clear postures on Saudi Arabia since the beginning of Saudi military intervention in Yemen.

First, there is a widespread support for protection of territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia and for security of the holy shrines there. Pakistan is willing to provide military support for that purpose. However, no such threat exists at this stage.

  Second, there is hardly any support for Pakistan’s direct involvement in the Yemen crisis. The opinion ranges from caution to “no role” in Yemen.

 Third, if Pakistan can help to defuse the Yemen crisis it may engage in diplomacy in cooperation with other Muslim states.

    The response of Islamic political parties makes an interesting study. The Islamic political parties that have electoral standing like the Jamaat-i-Islami, are advising caution from military involvement in Yemen.

Maulana Fazlur Rahman of JUIF supported the parliamentary resolution but later, he changed his position by demanding full support to Saudi Arabia. Now he argues that the parliamentary resolution was passed in a hurry.

  The Islamic parties and groups that share Islamic-Fiqh with Saudi Arabia are generally supportive of Saudi Arabia’s role in Yemen and want Pakistan to extend military support for Saudi role in Yemen. They are holding public meetings in various parts of the country under the title of “Tehrik-i-Tahafooz-i-Harmain Sharifaan”. Their argument is that the Yemen conflict is a conspiracy to undermine Saudi Arabia.

Other Islamic parties that subscribe to other Islamic Fiqhs are talking of restraint and the need to cool down the situation and no military engagement in Yemen. Some are arguing that neither the security of Saudi Arabia nor the holy shrines are threatened by the Houthis.

    Shahbaz Sharif visited Saudi Arabia on April 15 to reassure the Saudi government that Pakistan stands by it. It was during this visit that the Saudi leadership raised the issue of Pakistan’s naval cooperation if they decide to resort to naval blockade of Yemen.

  However, the Nawaz Sharif government cannot deliver troops or naval ships on its own. It needs to build some public support especially when there are no tangible threats to Saudi Arabia and the holy places.

 Further, it needs the full endorsement of the military. Pakistan’s military commanders want to send their troops to Saudi Arabia because it gets them money and weapons.

However, they are not in favor of any direct involvement in Yemen. It will be known in a week or so if Pakistan is sending its troops and naval ships to Saudi Arabia and what would be their role.

Another key question is under whose command their troops would function. Will this be the Saudi command or they will function under a joint command?

    If Pakistan participates in the Saudi-led blockade of Yemen or sends even token troops for any role in Yemen or the Pakistan military takes up security of Saudi-Yemen border, this will be Pakistan’s first partisan military involvement in an internal war of an Arab country on behalf of another country.

 In the past whenever Pakistan provided troops to Saudi Arabia, the guiding principle was that Pakistani troops would function only within the territorial boundary of the Kingdom and that they would not involve in any armed conflict in any other Arab state.  Now Saudi Arabia wants Pakistani troops in support of its military activity in Yemen.

    Pakistan has remained engaged in wars and conflicts in Afghanistan and within its boundaries since 1980s which has caused “war fatigue” in the society that deters most people from getting embroiled in a conflict almost 2000 miles away.

 The Pakistan military should continue assigning the highest priority to fighting terrorism in Pakistan, clearing the tribal areas from violent groups and stabilizing its relations with Afghanistan.

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Scripting a west side story: Modi’s visits to France, Germany and Canada adapt lessons learnt from China’s economic miracle

Posted on 24 April 2015 by admin


Being his own best publicist, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had indicated just what would be the tenor of his transatlantic tour in a tweet on March 26th: “My France, Germany & Canada visit is centred around supporting India’s economic agenda & creating jobs for our youth.”

In the age of Asia-Pacific, a focus on the Atlantic may appear a tad anachronistic. But Modi is, if anything, innovative when it comes to foreign policy. Note, a planned trip to the UK was postponed till after the May 2015 general elections there.

At an overall level the visits complete the set of tours to advanced democracies of the world – the US, Japan, Australia and now France, Germany and Canada. They address the Modi government’s approach to a constituency which is at the heart of modern finance and industry – though they could well be called post-industrial cultures today.

The goal is to showcase the Modi government’s sense of purpose and determination to drive a transformational agenda in the country, as well as to create a network of strategic allies which can be of use in dealing with India’s difficult neighbours, Pakistan and China.

Given the economic thrust, it was not surprising that meetings with CEOs, participation in industrial fairs, visits to industrial and skilling institutions featured prominently in the agenda. The companies of countries like France, Germany and Canada set standards around the world. In China we saw control equipment, spectrometers, assay machines, DNA profiling and genomic measurement equipment built in France and Germany dotting the labs of the high-tech industry zone in Xian, as well as the physical presence of small, medium and large European and North American companies so important for the Chinese economic miracle.

But there are other aspects to Modi’s transatlantic tour as well. First, the connect with the diaspora, especially the important one in Canada. It formed part of a pattern that has been visible in Modi visits to the US and Australia, more cautiously in Fiji, and more assertively in Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

Second, the visits should be seen in the context of the importance of summitry in modern international relations. Dealing directly with heads of government is a far quicker way of getting business done these days. So the quality time that François Hollande, Angela Merkel and Stephen Harper made for Modi is important in an age when leaders meet each other frequently and you tend to get lost in the crowd in important multilateral summits if you don’t establish a modicum of personal chemistry through bilateral contact.

With the US president being given special authority to finish negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), we are probably on the verge of a new world trading environment with negative implications for India. The US and Canada are part of TPP, whose finalisation will undoubtedly give an impetus to a parallel Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between EU and the US. In such circumstances, we will need all the friends we can manage in pushing our trade and investment promotion agenda.

The third aspect relates to India’s strategic goals. France has a permanent membership in the UN Security Council and both French and German companies play a role in India’s defence industry. France has been a friend in need, disinclined to use embargoes to push its foreign policy goals.

There are also some common themes in the visits. One is that of energy and space technology cooperation. Both Canada and France are important nuclear technology players. Canada was the first to help India with pressurised heavy water reactors in the 1950s and 1960s and it can offer more by way of upgrading and modernising this technology. A new pact with Canada will lead to the supply of uranium for the Indian nuclear industry. Canada is a special case when it comes to energy, given its own innovative oil and gas industry which can help India diversify its sources of supply.

Vocational education and skilling are another aspect of what advanced countries can offer India. Our current education system is at a dead end and the Modi plan for making India a global manufacturing hub rests vitally on the creation of trained manpower that can drive the Make in India dream. Germany is a leader here, but both Canada and France have their own unique systems and experiences.

A new theme relates to security. Developed democracies are now facing the prospect of a new kind of terrorist threat from home-grown religious extremists. In an era where terrorists get radicalised by the internet and move effortlessly across borders, cooperation has to be both practical and efficacious. There is, as well, a great deal of expertise in countering cyber threats in all three countries. Recall, in 2009, Canadian researchers revealed the existence of the GhostNet run out of China – which had penetrated Tibetan government in exile as well as Indian government computers.

Modi’s visits resemble roadshows with their attendant hype, even though they also have a larger strategic purpose. But like all roadshows there is a time for publicity, and a time to get down to work on the MoUs, agreements, promises and commitments.


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I am a French Woman in Love with a Tamil Man

Posted on 24 April 2015 by admin

French Woman in Love with a Tamil Man

It all started in 2012. We were university students focusing on our education and far from looking for a relationship. Everything was different about us – culture, language, colour, behaviour, goals. From our first encounter he anticipated the likeliness of his parents preferring to find him a Tamil wife – traditional, patient, beautiful and leading to a virtual 0% divorce rate.

But life is full of surprises.

From the day we met we never stopped being astonished by each other. Our differences became our strength. We got to know each other from the eyes of kids discovering the world. Everything was new, and we built up enough trust to be open-minded to ideas that most people would find too baffling to accept. It resulted in a strong sense of trust, love and support. We have been together for three years and we are now in a long-distance relationship.

My partner introduced me to Tamil culture. Even from an outsider’s point of view, it is hard not to appreciate the richness of Tamil culture. Everything within it highlights its long history and sophisticated tastes: dances, songs, musical instruments, temples, ceremonies, language and traditions.

We are not married or engaged yet, so it did not seem legitimate to expose ourselves to the Tamil community. Regardless, his mom made it clear that our relationship should not continue due to contentious criticism from the Tamil community.

And despite our love for each other, do we have to confront the dreadful ultimatum often addressed to mixed race couples, such as: “If you marry that girl, you don’t belong to the family anymore.” “The rest of the family won’t invite you or talk to you anymore.” “What will people think?” “You might have to run away to another country if you want to live together.”

What lies at the core of this opposition? Is it the fear of losing one of the oldest cultures in the world if not properly passed on to our children? Is it the fear of being considered colonized to the eyes of the community? Is it the remnants of ethnic conflicts in which intra-community unity is associated with strength? Is it that the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora has not integrated well enough to accept interracial couples among its 35 million Canadian compatriots?

Any one of these reasons may seem fair enough to not want your only son to date an outsider. But are they good enough to exclude your only son from the community and cast shame upon him? Does anyone deserve to make a choice between family and wife?

Can’t two cultures be added – Canadian and Tamil?

I do believe that marrying someone of a different background does not mean giving up who you are. It can be a complete addition of cultures, a win-win situation where both cultures are added and transferred to ones children. Of course, this implies that both two partners want it, which is often not their priority. My partner is very close to his culture and he wants to give his kids the best cultural and academic education. I totally support this idea.

I also understand the concerns of the Tamil community and the desire to preserve the rich and sophisticated Tamil culture. If this interracial relationship has support, I would aim to make sure that my kids learn Tamil, perform classical arts and actively take part in all traditional aspects of Tamil life.

To this day, I still don’t know how the Tamil community would accept this. It seems to me that among many, interracial marriages are considered de facto failures. Does it have to be that way?

Is the younger generation more tolerant towards interracial relationships? Why is it so hard to find media coverage of successful mixed Tamil couples? Isn’t it a source of pride to the Tamil community for outsiders to embrace Tamil culture such as the video of a German lady speaking perfect Tamil?

Tamils in Canada are exposed to many other ethnicities on a daily basis. This leads me to believe that interracial marriages will become more prevalent over the next generation. And I wonder if all Tamils in interracial relationships will have to go through shame with their partners, or if the community will one day shed a new light on these relationships and portray them as highly successful too.

I know that I am an outsider posting on a Tamil website which is unusual. I have no intention to offend anyone and I am not questioning the benefits of intra-Tamil relationships. My only wish is to provide a perspective on the Tamil community’s willingness to embrace interracial relationships from the view of an outsider.

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