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My husband is addicted to paid sex

Posted on 28 September 2016 by admin

QUESTION: Hi. My husband is addicted to paid sex. I got to know about it when I checked his credit card bills. He doesn’t know I have an idea about it but I can see from his bills that he is spending a lot of money on that. He takes solo trips too with his guy friends. I am tired of taking responsibilities of our two growing kids and my busy professional life and I am not left with any energy to steam up our bedroom action. It annoys me at times but I don’t enjoy sex anymore. I know my disinterest has pushed him away in the relationship. What should I do?

ANSWER BY RASHI AHUJA: Often in life, work and responsibility takes a toll on us and as a result, we end up neglecting some of the most important things in our life. In your situation too, I see you have attributed your husband’s addiction to paid sex, to your work and busy lifestyle. While it’s good to be introspective and see where you could have gone wrong, it may also be a good idea to confront your husband to see what made him take this step. Alongside, I would also recommend you to seek professional help in the form of counseling, which may help you to manage your stress levels as well as help you to understand the reasons behind your reduced libido. Lastly, I would like to say that every relationship requires some effort, and love you may be able to restore your relationship with your husband.

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