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Wynne looks after Liberal interests as hydro rates soar: NDP

Posted on 28 September 2016 by admin

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, called on the Premier to take action in the interest of the people of Ontario, and not in the interest of the Liberal Party of Ontario, when it comes to controlling soaring hydro rates. Yesterday, at the International Plowing Match in Minto, the Premier was booed by Ontarians frustrated by unmanageable hydro bills.

“People in Ontario are having trouble paying their hydro bills and as the Premier heard yesterday, they’re at a breaking point. They’re concerned the Premier is making decisions that are more about the best headline, instead of what’s best for families. It was amazing that last Friday, Liberal staffers were handing out leaflets at subway stops talking about rebate legislation that was barely 12 hours old. It looks like this is more about helping the Liberal party than helping families” noted Horwath.

The NDP has been listening to Ontarians and fighting for a permanent fix to lower skyrocketing hydro bills. Horwath has pushed the Wynne Liberals to commit that the 8% reduction announced in the Throne speech last week be permanent. She has also called for the government to stop the wrong-headed sell-off of Hydro One as the sell-off will only further increase people’s monthly bills.

“Ontarians want to believe that things are going to get better, but the Government keeps making decisions that favour the Liberal party, instead of people. Government should be about helping people and working to address their problems,” said Horwath. “Government should not be about looking after the Liberal Party brand.”

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