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Apple’s Newly Patented Edge-to-Edge Display Technology Literally Has Holes in It

Posted on 11 January 2017 by admin

Apple  on  Wednesday morning  was  granted  the patent  for  a  rather  odd,  but nonetheless  innovative, new display  technology  —  one that would, in essence, allow the  company  to  design  and build  an  iPhone  featuring  a truly borderless, edge-to-edge display, covering the entirety of  the  device’s  front-facing surface area.

Apple’s patent filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, titled “electronic devices  having  displays  with openings,”  describes  the broader concept of “a display that  may  occupy  the  entire front-face” (of an iPhone, in this instance). This type of design would be achievable, in part, thanks to the underlying “holey”  technology  covered under Cupertino’s new patent.

Speaking  in  the  most basic,  technological  terms possible, Apple’s  forthcoming, OLED-equipped iPhone could boast a display featuring a multitude of little “microscopic pores” — tiny holes in the screen, if you will, “behind which electronic components — such as a camera, a speaker, or a microphone — are mounted,”  according  to Business Insider.

In other words, Apple, by employing  its  freshly patented  technology, would be able  to create an  iPhone featuring  a  truly  edge-less display  —  a  strategically porous  panel,  underneath which all the device’s external components — the camera, earpiece, and even home button, for example — could be mounted, so as to provide unrestricted access  to  those components  even  through the display glass and underlying,  touch-sensitive  basal layers.

This  technology, having been patented by Apple, adds plenty of  fuel  to  the  fire of previous rumors suggesting that  the  curved OLED  display  destined  for  the  company’s  upcoming  iPhone  8 flagship  will  represent  the first device to feature a “truly edgeless” display. Of course, if such ultimately turns out to be the case, the move could also signify a broader shift in Apple’s design language, altogether — as the company appears  determined  and ready  to deliver several devices  featuring  minimalist displays in 2017. Although, those rumored devices likely won’t feature this advanced, porous display technology.

In  any  case, whether  or not we’ll  see  this  debut  on Apple’s upcoming 10th anniversary  iPhone 8  remains to be seen. However, according to a myriad of accounts that have  surfaced  thus  far, the iPhone 8’s internals will be sandwiched between two all-glass, front and back panels, with a steel or aluminum alloy frame holding it all together.

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