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Kangna Ranaut is back in Hrithik Roshan’s life, she’s ready with explosive revelations

Posted on 09 September 2017 by admin

She isn’t going away, as he had hoped. The image of the family man that Hrithik Roshan has been desperately building post the scandalous allegations of a torrid liaison with actress Kangna Ranaut is likely to collapse.

Sources close to Kangna reveal that she soon intends to begin “phase 2” of her revenge against the man who has been calling her a delusional woman to whoever has cared to listen to him

Kangna Ranaut, say sources, intends to come up with “indisputable evidence” of her liaison.

Kangna’s main grouse against Roshan Jr is his lack of discretion in the matter. “She was horrified when he circulated the email sent to him during their alleged relationship, to the media. She kept wondering to those close to her why he did this to her,” says a source close to Kangna.

“Kangna is not the kind of woman who will rest easy after being humiliated. She is planning her revenge. In fact during a forthcoming television interview she has very clearly asked for an apology from Hrithik Roshan for causing her emotional trauma. Hrithik may think Kangna has moved on. But she has not. She wants a closure on a chapter of her life that has scarred her for keeps,” says a source close to Kangna.


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