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Census confirms Brampton’s growth, youth and diversity

Posted on 03 November 2017 by admin

Brampton, ON – Wednesday’s Statistics Canada’s 2016 Census release, as well as findings from earlier this year, confirms Brampton’s strong growth, youth and ethno-cultural diversity, making it attractive for business and government investment.


• Brampton’s growth continues to be driven by immigration, as over 52 per cent (308,790 people) of its population was born outside of Canada, a two per cent increase from the 2011 Census.

• The City celebrates a diverse population that represents people from 234 distinct ethnic backgrounds, up from 209 reported ethnic backgrounds in 2011.

• Brampton ranks fifth nationally for percentage of immigrants making up total population, behind Richmond (BC), Markham, Richmond Hill and Mississauga.

“Brampton’s growth, youth and diversity is really remarkable – making our city truly unique in Canada. Brampton is an exciting and dynamic place to live and work,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “People from around the world are choosing to live here. Business and all levels of government are recognizing that growth through targeted investment in our city.”

Quick Facts:

• February’s 2016 Census release on population showed almost 40 people choose to move to Brampton every day.

• Brampton’s growth rate is double that of the Region of Peel’s, three times greater than Ontario’s, and two-and-a-half times greater than Canada’s growth rate.

• With a net increase of almost 70,000 people since the 2011 census, Brampton is the second fastest growing community of Canada’s largest 25 cities.

• May’s 2016 census release on age showed that Brampton’s continues to rank among the youngest large cities in Canada:

• Brampton has an average age of 36.5, compared to an average age of 39.7 for the Greater Toronto Area, 41.0 for the province, and a national average age of 41.0.

• August’s language data release highlighted Brampton’s diversity, as the number of languages spoken in Brampton rose to 115 from the 89 reported in the 2011 census.

Recognizing its young and growing population, the Province of Ontario has committed to supporting a new university in Brampton, bringing innovative approaches to skills development needed to build the workforce of tomorrow.

Understanding demographic trends helps the City plan investments and development to compete on a global stage. Brampton recently launched a public engagement campaign to tap into its unique demographics for input on creating a planning vision, to help position Brampton as a North American leader in urban planning and design and build a connected, inclusive, innovative and bold city.

For more detailed census information on Brampton, visit


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