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Patrick Brown Promises to Roll Back Increased Minimum Wage

Posted on 24 November 2017 by admin


Ontarians Would Earn Less under Conservative Scheme

Well, he’s finally shown his true colours.

Patrick Brown has promised to roll back the $15 minimum wage and kick the increase down the road another four years.

Brown confirmed his plan to delay a pay increase for low-income earners while speaking at a York Region Business Breakfast overlooking the 18th green at a golf course today.

Even with the audience, he should know that Ontarians who are working full-time yet are struggling to pay rent, put food on the table or care for their families can’t afford to wait. For them, delaying a minimum wage increase is the same as denying one. And under the Conservative roll-back scheme, they’ll earn less.

That’s not fair.

The Ontario Liberal plan is different, phasing in a $15 minimum wage over 18 months. By tying increases to inflation afterwards, Ontarians could be earning upwards of $16 by 2022 too.

This ensures more workers are benefiting fairly from Ontario’s economic growth literally years before they would under the Conservatives. Together with free tuition, rent control, and OHIP+, our plan is another step towards increasing fairness and creating more opportunity.

In voting against and standing opposed to these progressive policies, the Conservatives are doing exactly what Ontarians expect of them.

Only the Ontario Liberals are willing to fight for fairness, standing with those who worry about falling behind even as they work so hard to get ahead.

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