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This holiday season give your child the gift of literacy

Posted on 07 December 2017 by admin

Literacy has a profound impact on our lives. Children and teenagers who love to read and take good reading skills with them to school each day have an invaluable head start on career success and personal happiness. Those burdened by poor literacy are significantly more likely to struggle.

Canadians understand the power of strong reading skills to transform lives. A recent Environics survey exploring attitudes about literacy found nine-in-ten believe improving literacy skills will improve everyone’s quality of life, and 87 per cent think more needs to be done to improve literacy rates.

When asked about the negative outcomes of struggling with literacy:

•          86 per cent believe poor literacy hinders employment opportunities

•          76 per cent think it increases the likelihood of poverty,

•          40 per cent believe poor literacy rates are detrimental to physical health

Other studies clearly show the love of reading, not just the ability to read, is a huge predictor of school success. Conversely, children who struggle with literacy are up to four times more likely to drop out of high school.

The holiday season is a wonderful time for parents to encourage children and teenagers to read. By creating opportunities for reading, parents can spark excitement about reading and begin laying the all-important foundation for strong literacy skills.

“Learning to read fuels a child’s imagination,” says Stephen Faul, president of Frontier College, a national charitable literacy organization. “There is no more powerful way to expand horizons, improve self-confidence and spur creativity. Simple activities to get your kids reading can have a profound impact on their future success. One of the key lessons we’ve learned from providing literacy programs to thousands of people in need each year is the crucial importance of reading from a young age.”

Frontier College offers these tips get your kids reading this holiday season:

•       Establish a tradition by reading the same book each year around the holidays.

•       Think about what interests your children (start with their hobbies) and find materials to read aloud (i.e. magazines, flyers, and newspaper articles).

•       Encourage older children to read to younger children. Both develop their reading skills through this experience.

•       Visit your local library and let your child choose books and materials to bring home to read.

•       If you are on the road visiting family and friends, encourage children to read street signs.

•       If your family receives greeting cards, have your children read them aloud, or help them create their own personal greeting cards and write messages to family and friends.

•       Ask your children to help make a grocery list or read labels in stores.

•       Encourage your children to read recipes and help with the measuring and baking.

 For parents, the true magic of the holidays is creating family traditions and memories that last a life time and even impact future generations. Reading and storytelling traditions offer an easy and powerful way to strengthen the fabric that binds families together and increase the chances of future happiness and success.

This holiday season give the gift of literacy. Read to your child, give them a book and plant a seed.

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