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Patrick Brown says he’s suing CTV over sexual misconduct allegations

Posted on 22 February 2018 by admin

‘My lawyers are talking to CTV’ former Ontario PC leader says in Facebook post.

Patrick Brown says he’s suing CTV for airing a story detailing sexual misconduct allegations against him involving two young women — accusations he has called lies.

“In the court of public opinion and among the many journalists I’ve spoken to, these allegations are now seen for what they are — fictitious and malicious,” the former Ontario PC leader posted Thursday on his Facebook page

“… Right now, everyone is asking me two questions: 1) Am I suing CTV? And 2) What are my future plans,” he wrote.

“To the first question, the answer is a resounding yes — I am suing CTV.

“My lawyers are talking to CTV. Early this week, CTV lawyers agreed to ensure that all emails, texts and other correspondence related to this travesty are held independently for safe keeping.”

Brown, 39, has recently started fighting the women’s accusations, which were aired three weeks ago and led him to resign as leader.

Matthew Garrow, the network’s director of communications, said in a statement to the Star that “CTV News stands by our reporting and will actively defend against any legal action.

“We welcome the opportunity to defend our journalism in court.”

Brown, who remains the MPP for Simcoe North, also said in his Thursday post that his plans now are still up in the air.

“As for my immediate future, I’m spending lots of time on the phone listening to my colleagues,” he wrote, later thanking the “many thousands” who “sent me heartfelt messages of support.”

“… The response on social media and directly to me has been overwhelming. It has given me a boost of confidence that I am eternally grateful for.”

Two anonymous women were featured in the Jan. 24 television report, alleging sexual improprieties by Brown when they were teens and he a federal member of parliament. Both had said they were intoxicated, after having been out partying at a bar with Brown. Both had also said the alleged incidents happened in his home, and that he was sober.

One woman has since said she was not a high school student, nor under age, when the alleged incident happened.

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