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MP Sonia Sidhu Introduces Bill C-403, the Diabetes Awareness Month Act, in Parliament

Posted on 06 June 2018 by admin

Ottawa, ON – On Thursday morning, Sonia Sidhu, Member of Parliament for Brampton South and a Member on the Standing Committee on Health, presented Bill C-403, the Diabetes Awareness Month Act, to her fellow parliamentarians in the House of Commons.

Recognizing in its preamble that diabetes awareness and education can help people identify early signs of diabetes and thus prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, Bill C-403 would mark the month of November as Diabetes Awareness Month in Canada.

Currently, roughly 11 million Canadians suffer from diabetes or prediabetes with a new diagnosis being made every 3 minutes. Diabetes, a major cause of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and lower limb amputation, places a large burden on Canada’s health care system with direct and indirect costs expected to grow to $15.9 billion by 2020 – up from 2010 levels of $11.7 billion.

“My colleagues and I have heard about the extreme hardships and enormous demands on our health care system caused by diabetes” said MP Sidhu in the House of Commons. “There is no reason why the country that gave insulin to the world cannot lead the fight to defeat diabetes”.

Bill C-403 is a continued part of MP Sidhu’s work in her fight against diabetes as Chair of the All-Party Diabetes Caucus and as a Member of the Standing Committee on Health.

With goals of encouraging Canadians to make healthy lifestyle choices and for Canadians to familiarize themselves with diabetes warning signs, this Bill follows MP Sidhu’s previous work with her municipal partners in proclaiming November as Diabetes Awareness Month and November 14 as Diabetes Day in the City of Brampton.

In March of 2017, MP Sidhu had put forward a motion to the Standing Committee on Health to study anti-diabetes strategies in Canada and other jurisdictions. As of this week, the Committee has begun its study and has heard from expert witnesses from Diabetes Canada, JDRF, Diabetes Action Canada, and the Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association thus far.

MP Sidhu invites fellow Parliamentarians and Canadians alike to share their feedback, stories, and experiences with her as Bill C-403 progresses through the House of Commons.

Quick facts:

•         MP Sidhu is the Chair of the All-Party Diabetes Caucus and is a Member on the House of Common’s Standing Committee on Health. The All-Party Diabetes Caucus works through all parties to advance solutions on behalf of the 11 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

•         World Diabetes Day is held globally every November 14th and is recognized as an official United Nations Day. Bill C-403 would mark November as Diabetes Awareness Month and overlap with this important day.

•         Throughout the summer of 2017, MP Sidhu embarked on consultations across Canada to receive input about healthy eating strategies and diabetes prevention and management, with feedback and recommendations being delivered to the Minister of Health.

•         On behalf of the Government of Canada, in May of 2018 MP Sidhu highlighted a $7.7 million investment into diabetes research that would support the clinical trials of ground-breaking therapies in order to accelerate the development of new treatments for people living with type 1 diabetes

•         As overweight and obese children are at an increased risk for the premature onset of type 2 diabetes, MP Sidhu rose in the House of Commons in support of Bill S-228, the Child Health Protection Act. Bill S-228 would amend the Food and Drugs Act to prohibit food and beverage marketing directed at children.

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