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Ontario Liberal candidate for Scarborough Centre Mazhar Shafiq says it is important for the community to become part of the mainstream politics.

Posted on 06 June 2018 by admin

SCARBOROUGH-Ontario Liberal candidate for Scarborough Centre Mazhar Shafiq says it is important for the community to become part of the mainstream politics.

“My message to the community is crystal clear-come forward and be part of the political process,” Mazhar Shafiq said. “We live in Ontario and it is important to be part of the policy making at the provincial level.”

Mazhar Shafiq, is not banking on one community. His team represents all the communities in the riding. Volunteers continue to drum up support, and are getting tremendous feedback. “We are going strong and moving door-to-door to share our message,” he said.

The Ontario Liberal candidate for Scarborough Centre says he is honoured to be part of the Ontario Liberal Team. “I consider it a great privilege to contest the elections in the riding of Scarborough Centre. This is a tremendously diverse and vibrant community, and my hope is to be a strong and articulate advocate for the interests of Scarborough Centre at Queen’s Park,” said Shafiq.

Following a competitive nomination race with over 9,000 local members, Mazhar Shafiq was elected as the Ontario Liberal Party Candidate for Scarborough Centre earlier this year.

A community leader and political advisor, Mazhar arrived at Pearson Airport twenty years ago with little more than a desire to see a better life for his young family.

Upon arriving in Canada, he earned a post-graduate certificate from Sheridan College and worked in various roles in the automotive sector, before becoming a special assistant to Dr Rob Oliphant MP. Since 2013, he has served as a senior advisor to Premier Kathleen Wynne. He is also an active supporter of several charities, community groups and local hospitals, including the Scarborough Hospital.

In 2006, Mazhar Shafiq came up with a proposal of connecting with the ethnic communities via the ethnic media. “The then MPP Kathleen Wynne liked the idea, and asked me to take the lead. We did our first round-table with three media professionals. We now connect with over 800 ethnic media groups,” he said.

“My story is a story made possible by a supportive government that values immigration, skills development and ensures a minimum-wage job pays a fair living. That is why I am so passionate to be running on Premier Kathleen Wynne’s team, to ensure every family can access affordable post-secondary education, find an affordable home and work to get ahead,” said Shafiq. “I am honoured to be standing as a candidate to fight for those Canadian values and to serve all communities in our diverse riding.”

Mazhar Shafiq describes Kathleen Wynne’s win in the leadership race as his best political moment. He, however, mentions one specific situation which left an everlasting impact on him. “One day, a woman walked into my office and asked for help to bring her husband to Canada. She was under enormous stress, and was also on a suicide watch. We as a team helped her in the documentation, and I also remained in contact with Islamabad. In six months, her husband was here. Today, I am really happy to see them happy together,” he said.

Mazhar Shafiq is all praise for his wife, Summra, and rightly so. “She has played a contributory role in my journey to success. She has sacrificed some of our evenings and weekends for the community. Being the only child, she even made a big sacrifice when she agreed to come to Canada.”

He and his wife have two sons. He served as their school council chair and ran a variety of programs for youth. His fans also include senior politicians.

“I’m thrilled the people of Scarborough Centre will have a Liberal candidate who will make them proud. Maz has the skills and talent to be a strong local representative and make a significant contribution to the future of Scarborough,” said Brad Duguid, the long-time local MPP. “I’m also pleased Maz will further advance the efforts of our Premier to build a team that represents the diversity of Ontario.”

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