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Ford’s first moves hurt the most vulnerable

Posted on 08 August 2018 by admin

QUEEN’S PARK – Official Opposition leader Andrea Horwath says that Doug Ford’s first actions in government have targeted vulnerable Ontarians.

“Seeing where Mr. Ford’s axe has fallen first, I’m growing more and more concerned about how Mr. Ford’s cuts will impact people’s daily lives,” said Horwath. “He’s targeted kids, those with mental health challenges, and people struggling in poverty. He’s chosen to drag Ontario backwards when it comes to taking care of the most vulnerable among us.”

Since being sworn in, Doug Ford has cut $100 million budgeted for school repairs, cut $330 million per year from funding for mental health services, cancelled the basic income pilot program, and made a 50 per cent cut to the scheduled social assistance rate increase.

“Doug Ford is taking things from bad to worse for people in Ontario – particularly those who are already struggling. Instead of prioritizing the needs of everyday Ontarians, Mr. Ford has is focused on helping insiders – including radical social conservatives that he has obviously made a lot of promises to. Cuts that hurt the most vulnerable among us hurt our province, and it has to stop.”

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