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Canada’s Armed Forces, struggling to hit diversity goals, turns to new digital recruiting tools

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

The Canadian Armed Forces are struggling to hit their own targets to get more women, Indigenous people and visible minorities into uniform, new data obtained by Global News shows.

And, in an attempt to to boost numbers that appear to have been largely stalled for more than three years, the Department of National Defence (DND) will launch a suite of new digital tools — including a smartphone app that, in its functionality, will resemble the matchmaking app Tinder — aimed at convincing more Canadians to consider a life in the Armed Forces.

The Canadian Forces believes a more diverse group is also a more effective group.

“It’s important in that it gives us operational effectiveness,” Brig.-Gen. Virginia Tattersall said in an interview. “If we were all that one sort of vanilla, you won’t get that same range of opinions, those different ways of being able to think about issues, that different approach to how to solve a problem.”

The Canadian Forces says that, as of the most recent fiscal year-end, on March 31, 2018, just 15 per cent of the regular force were women, a ratio that’s hardly budged since 2016 when it was 14.4 per cent. DND’s own target is to push that ratio to 25 per cent by 2026.

One new female recruit, army Capt. Mandy Grewal, joined the Canadian Forces in the spring at the age of 34. She had been a practising private-sector lawyer and had never considered a career in uniform when she was growing up.

“It was never a career that was presented to me growing up as an Indian female,” Grewal said in an interview.

But through some friends who were in the Forces, Grewal learned about life in uniform and found out she could continue practising law and have the chance to work overseas and in different parts of Canada. She believes more women and visible minorities might consider making the same choice she did if they knew more the sorts of trades the military is seeking.

“I think that greater awareness of the career opportunities, of the fact that there are pretty much every trade that you would have in the civilian world, you can practise and you can also learn to do it in the military context,” said Grewal.

Tattersall acknowledged that one barrier to recruiting more women has been the perception that the Armed Forces did not do enough to prevent inappropriate sexual behaviour, that women were putting themselves at risk in a culture that often overlooked that kind of behaviour.

“But the Canadian Armed Forces is working hard to change that culture,” Tattersall said. “We’ve taken [steps] to make that very clear that’s not what the Canadian Armed Forces represents, apologize to those who have suffered and to move forward with a culture we want, which is an inclusive culture.”

Tattersall said the department has spent considerable time thinking about how to convince Canadians to join the forces.

Among the new initiatives set for this fall, the Forces hope to launch a program that lets Canadians sign up on a temporary basis, to get a taste of life in uniform, in the hope that they will enjoy the experience and make a career commitment.

There will soon be a revamped website which will include some virtual reality tours. And there will be a smartphone app that lets potential recruits explore some of the hundreds of different trades or occupations within the Forces by swiping right for those they like and swiping left for those they don’t.

“We are really upping our game so that we are going to approach young people just like any other modern company would think of,” Tattersall said.

DND is closer to hitting its self-imposed targets for visible minorities and Indigenous Canadians although, as with the ratio of female regular Force members, the numbers have not budged much over three successive years.

At the end of fiscal 2018, visible minorities made up 7.2 per cent of the regular Forces versus 6 per cent in 2016. The 2026 target is 11.8 per cent.

The 2026 target for Indigenous Canadians is 3.5 per cent and at the end of fiscal 2018, the regular Forces were at 2.8 per cent versus 2.7 per cent in 2016.

That data was provided to Global News by DND after Global News obtained a briefing note prepared last March for Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan that outlined some of the human resources challenges facing the department.

For example, the department would like to lower the attrition rate of the forces. At the end of fiscal 2018, the forces were losing about 4.1 per cent of its members — both regular and reserve — a year. In fiscal 2017, the attrition rate spiked to 7.9 per cent. That spike, according to the briefing note prepared for Sajjan was a result of the clearing of a backlog of medical releases.

There are about 66,000 regular Force members and about 27,000 reserve Force members. The Trudeau government’s goal is to boost that to 71,500 regular Force members and 30,000 reservists. A high attrition rate makes it more difficult for the Forces to achieve those goals.

In fiscal 2018, the department spent $6.575 million on its recruiting advertising campaign which included the purchase of $1.365 million worth of television advertising which ran on CBC in French and in English during the Olympics.


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Here’s how Canadian businesses are affected by Canadian retaliatory tariffs

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

As the ongoing trade dispute over steel and aluminum rages on, Canadian producers and manufacturers are caught in the middle. As Canada’s largest trade association, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters has more than 2,500 members and it tells Global News every single one is affected.

Global News spoke with a number of steel manufacturers across the country. Here’s what three of them are up against.

How it is affected:  Apollo Machine employs 250 people at three facilities where it offers a wide range of machining services.

It has been hit hardest by counter-tariffs on the steel it needs to source from south of the border. Customers of its subsidiary, Apollo Clad, demand very specific types of steel bars for additive manufacturing that aren’t available in Canada. In some cases, the steel it needs is under an American patent.

It has been trying to source the product outside the U.S., but globally prices have been climbing due to the demand sparked by the trade dispute. And, like many others, it doesn’t want to hurt its longstanding relationship with its American supplier. Apollo Machine buys $9 million in steel annually and estimate counter-tariffs will cost the company $3 million this year if nothing changes.

It says the new Canadian rules are making its business non-competitive — right after it recovered from the oil and gas downturn in Alberta.

Is it getting help: The company applied for tariff relief, but all it got in response so far was an email saying the process would take weeks. Research and development manager Doug Hamre has launched a petition sponsored by Conservative MP Mike Lake, calling for Canada to get rid of the surtaxes on materials not produced in Canada, or at the very least, make the application process for duty relief programs easier.

How it is affected: Autotube makes steel and stainless steel tube components like dipsticks and oil tubes that are eventually used by the big three automakers as well as Toyota. It employs 200 people at two facilities.

It has been hit by both American and Canadian-imposed tariffs. First, American suppliers have upped their prices. But at home,  the company is subject to Canadian counter-tariffs which are costing $100,000 a month. It says it can’t get the coiled steel easily in Canada, the Canadian prices are much higher, and in addition, it has a 20-year relationship with its American supplier.

Is it getting help: Autotube has hired a consultant to try and get the product reclassified as an auto part, and if that fails, to try and get some duty relief.

How it is affected: Jem Strapping Systems makes all kinds of strapping used to ship products, but the vast majority is made out of steel. It employs about 30 people in its Brant County, Ont., plant.

About half of the company’s steel comes from Canada and the other half from the U.S., so it is affected by tariffs on both sides of the border. President Paul McGrath estimates his business has lost more than a million dollars so far, and is losing half his revenue to the tariff issue in general. Sales are down and McGrath has lost a lot of his American customers who are afraid of uncertainty.

Is it getting help: After submitting paperwork and undergoing a full-day audit by Canada Border Services Agency, Jem qualified for Canadian duty relief. But he says it’s not coming fast enough and he’s still stuck paying duty on scrap steel he can’t sell back to the U.S. — up to $10,000 a month, plus the cost of a bookkeeper to keep track of his new inventory system — separating U.S. and Canadian product.

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25 Toronto MPs slam Ford for using notwithstanding clause, urge MPPs to defeat bill

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

The 25 Liberal MPs who represent ridings in the city of Toronto have unanimously called on Ontario MPPs to “defeat” Premier Doug Ford’s bill to cut the size of Toronto city council because of its “unprecedented use” of the Constitution’s notwithstanding clause.

In a statement made public on Thursday, the group of Toronto MPs, which includes several federal cabinet ministers, said they “stand united” against Ford’s decision to use that clause, describing the premier’s move as “heavy-handed and disrespectful.”

The notwithstanding clause allows provincial legislatures and Parliament to pass legislation that overrides provisions enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Before this week, no Ontario government had ever invoked the clause.

“We believe MPPs elected in Toronto have a responsibility to defend the city, its democratic institutions, and the rights of citizens to a free and fair municipal election,” the statement says. “The people of Toronto deserve nothing less.”

“As elected representatives of the City, we want to assure the people of Toronto that we understand and respect the critical role that City Hall and local democracy play in building the communities in which we live.”

Earlier this summer, the Progressive Conservative government tabled and passed a bill seeking to slash the number of seats on Toronto city council seats to 25 from 47.  The reduction came even though a municipal election campaign is already underway. Municipalities throughout Ontario, including Toronto, go to the polls Oct. 22.

The bill was challenged in court and in a ruling issued Monday morning, Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba found that the move to do away with 22 city wards in the middle of an election campaign substantially interfered with municipal voters’ freedom of expression and the “right to cast a vote that can result in effective representation.”

“It is only when a democratically elected government has clearly crossed the line that the ‘judicial umpire’ should intervene. The Province has clearly crossed the line,” Belobaba wrote in his decision.

Displeased with the ruling, Ford gave notice he would re-table the legislation cutting Toronto city council seats and invoke the notwithstanding clause to override the Ontario court’s ruling. The re-introduced bill had its first reading in the provincial legislature on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking with Global News from Saskatoon, where the Liberal caucus met for the last two days, Spadina-Fort York MP Adam Vaughan argued Ford’s decision to use the clause is “beyond the norm” in Canada and represents “an abuse of power.” That’s why Vaughan said he’s calling on Progressive Conservative MPPs — particularly those in Toronto — to vote against the re-introduced legislation.

“At this stage in the dispute, all we can do is appeal to their conscience and appeal to their principles,” Vaughan said in a phone interview. “I do know a number of them and they should give their heads a shake. They should know better.”

“This kind of abuse of principle and practice and law is a slippery slope to all laws and all rules and all regulations being disobeyed. And that is not democratic, and that is not an acceptable practice in this day and age in any democracy, let alone Ontario.”

Despite this being a municipal and provincial issue, Vaughan said concerned constituents have been coming to him “by the score.” Toronto-Danforth MP Julie Dabrusin also told Global News she’s had “a lot” of constituents express worries about the Ontario government’s efforts to reduce the number of elected municipal representatives in Toronto.

“Right now, [Premier Ford] has a right of appeal, he has other mechanisms there for him and that’s what he should be using,” Dabrusin told reporters in Saskatoon.

Ford did say on Monday he would appeal the Superior Court ruling. A majority of Toronto city council on Thursday afternoon voted to head back to court to fight the bill.

In their statement, the Liberal MPs said the issue at hand is not partisan.

Asked about the Toronto MPs’ statement during a press conference in Saskatoon on Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he expects all Liberal MPs “to be strong voices for their communities in Ottawa.”

Trudeau, however, has indicated he won’t intervene in the controversy, beyond expressing his disappointment in the Ontario government’s decision to invoke the notwithstanding clause.

The prime minister said on Thursday he’s a “staunch believer and defender” of the Charter and takes Ford’s move “very seriously,” but he’s not going to weigh in on “the actual debate over the size of the municipal governments in Ontario (or) Toronto.”

“I don’t think that’s a role the federal government needs to take on,” Trudeau said.

Meanwhile, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer told The Canadian Press on Wednesday that the Ontario government is well within its legal rights to use the notwithstanding clause in this circumstance.

Scheer, however, did not say whether he thinks it is a good move.


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NDP’s Andrea Horwath criticized for mixing politics with Humboldt tragedy

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is facing online backlash for mixing Ontario politics with the Humboldt Broncos tragedy.

On Wednesday night, Horwath tweeted “Ford chaos in Ontario notwithstanding, my heart is in Humbolt with so many other Canadians from across our country.”

However, it immediately caused several people to respond to the Hamilton Centre MPP with harsh criticism, with some calling the comment “gross”, “tasteless” and “disrespectful.”

Humboldt was also misspelled in the tweet, which has since been deleted.


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Toronto terrorist leader is locked up, but was still on social media

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

The former terrorist leader Zakaria Amara is locked away at Millhaven maximum-security prison, serving a life sentence for plotting Al Qaeda-inspired truck bombings in downtown Toronto.

But for the past six months, a Facebook page in his name has been posting his prison photos as well as what purported to be his jailhouse prose, including a telling of what made him a terrorist.

Facebook deleted the account on Wednesday, an hour after Global News asked about it. The social media company said the Amara page was taken down “for violating our community standards.”

“We don’t allow mass murderers to maintain a presence on Facebook,” the company said, adding it also did not let impersonators maintain accounts.

The Correctional Service Canada said Thursday it was “currently looking at ways we can work with social media companies to identify questionable content and respond appropriately.”

 Amara was the ringleader of the Toronto 18, the terror group that held a training camp for potential recruits in Washago, Ont., and then began preparing a series of truck bombings inspired by Al Qaeda.

The group had selected the Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto CSIS building and a Canadian military base as targets but was infiltrated by CSIS and the RCMP, which arrested the extremists in June 2006.

The Amara Facebook account appears to be have been operated from Mississauga, Ont. A message requesting confirmation that the page was actually Amara’s garnered the response, “this is a real account.”

Asked how a convicted terrorist leader could post his views and photos on Facebook, the Correctional Service Canada said inmates did not have access to the internet.

“It does happen on occasion that individuals post on behalf of inmates,” said Esther Mailhot, a CSC spokesperson. “CSC does not have control over these postings.”

She also said that while inmates were not allowed to have cameras, they could purchase pictures taken by a photographer. “Inmates are able to send photos out of the institution to family or other contacts in the community.”

According to the telling on the Facebook page, Amara “never felt Canadian” because he wasn’t white and got “caught up in a perfect storm of internal and external influences.”

“Many of you have probably wondered why the Muslim world has produced so any radicalized individuals,” it said. “When I look at what the people of that region have been going through for over 100 years, I am actually surprised there aren’t more radicals,” it said.

“What happens to a people who have to live under the deadly shadow of drones? What happens to a person who witnesses their entire family get wiped out by a ‘precise’ missile strike?”

“Desperate for belonging to a people in my teen years, these are the only people I ever felt I belonged to, and as they radicalized, I radicalized with them.”

“Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq and its resulting massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis represented the crossing of the Radical Rubicon for me. You can pretty much draw a straight line from there to my arrest in 2006,” it said.

But Amara said he realized he was wrong when the so-called Islamic State began committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq, according to the Facebook essay.

“Holding out became harder and harder, until it finally became impossible and I simply had to let go out of sheer disillusionment.”

Phil Gurski, who was the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s lead analyst on Islamist extremism during the Toronto 18 investigation, was unimpressed and noted Amara’s “distinct lack of ownership or responsibility” for his actions.

 “You had a choice and you opted for violent extremism. There were other avenues,” Gurski wrote on his website. “You could have worked to become part of Canada. And yet you didn’t. None of this is anyone’s fault but yours.”

Amara was stripped of his Canadian citizenship in 2015 but it was returned to him when the Liberals came to power and scrapped a law that allowed the government to revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorists who hold dual nationalities.

Another convicted terrorist at Millhaven is also online. Serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to conduct attacks in the United Kingdom, Momin Khawaja’s photo and profile appear on a website for inmates seeking pen pals.

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Ontario minister confident Toronto election date feasible as province pushes to pass bill on council cuts

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

TORONTO – Until recently, traffic congestion and lack of affordable housing were expected to dominate Toronto’s fall election, but now some candidates and voters are worried the fierce debate over the council’s size is overshadowing the issues they consider vital for the residents of Canada’s largest city.

The dispute between Toronto and the province, triggered by Premier Doug Ford’s surprise move in late July to reduce Toronto council to 25 seats from 47, has been dominating the campaign – and headlines – for weeks.

It is also the main issue Coun. Mike Layton says his constituents ask about as he campaign for re-election.

 “Somehow our new premier has hijacked the City of Toronto election, not only by changing the rules halfway through but all anyone wants to talk about when you’re at the door is his behaviour,” he said. “They don’t actually want to talk about the issues so you’ve got to start there and then pivot over.”

Franklyn McFadden, 31, said he’s disappointed the debate has shifted away from the issues that affect people’s lives, such as public transit.

“If I’m waiting at bus stop in my neighbourhood at 5 p.m., there’s a good chance I’ll be waiting for at least three buses that are jam-packed full before I can even get my scooter on one of them,” said McFadden, who uses a mobility device. “That’s just one of many, many issues that are being left for the back burner.”

John Sewell, a former Toronto mayor who has criticized the Progressive Conservative government’s unprecedented use of charter’s notwithstanding clause to move slash the size of council in the middle of an election, said the move could have long-lasting consequences.

 “What Ford has done is sucked up all the oxygen,” he said. “It’s made sure that the election is meaningless and that the council that will be produced will have no credibility at all, that’s the problem.”

Sewell, who served as mayor in the late 1970s but remains involved in municipal issues, said the conflict between the two levels of government over the cut underscores another troubling point – the lack of co-operation on key files, many of the same ones that are not being discussed during the campaign.

“You need that co-operation to address the larger questions,” he said.

The Ford government reintroduced its council-cutting legislation this week after a judge found the original law was unconstitutional. The Tories are also appealing the judge’s decision, and a hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Amid the uncertainty, voters are asking a lot of questions about the electoral map, the riding makeup and who the candidates are, said Layton.

“When you have 110,000 doors to knock on you have to make great use of your time,” he said. “When you have to spend the first five minutes talking about the changing rules, and if you’re running in that neighbourhood or not … that’s a significant amount of time.”

Environment Minister Rod Phillips, who once served as former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman’s chief of staff, said those conversations can still take place before the Oct. 22 vote, noting that provincial election campaigns are 30 days long.

“I have a lot of confidence that between the many council candidates and the mayoral candidates that there will be a broad and fulsome discussion of the issues.”

Ford, who is a former city councillor, has said Toronto council is dysfunctional and slashing it nearly in half will streamline decision-making and save taxpayers $25 million. The city has argued many of the challenges Toronto is facing are due to lack of funding from the provincial and federal governments.

Meanwhile, the official in charge of running Toronto’s election has said it’s becoming “virtually impossible” to ensure a fair vote next month.

Legislators will be called back to Queen’s Park on Saturday at 1 p.m. to help speed up debate on the bill, dubbed the Efficient Local Government Act.

The New Democrats and the Liberals have vowed to introduce amendments to the bill that could potentially delay its passage.

The NDP said Thursday it will challenge the bill under rules that preclude legislators from introducing substantially the same bill twice in one session and bar the legislature from debating an item currently before the courts.


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Justin Trudeau visits Brampton for 3rd Annual Community Appreciation BBQ jointly hosted by The Brampton Federal Liberal Associations

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

Brampton, ON – With the summer nearly over, and school back in full-swing, thousands of Bramptonians and their families took to Chinguacousy Park to hear from Justin Trudeau and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun, and entertainment.Along with having the opportunity to connect with friends and neighbours, attendees were able to meet with their local Members of Parliament (Sonia Sidhu, Kamal Khera, Ruby Sahota, Raj Grewal, and Ramesh Sangha) and share their views as constituents.

With the festivities underway, the five Members of Parliament joined Justin Trudeau as he delivered his remarks on the hard work ahead toward building a better future for families in Brampton and across Canada.

“Every Canadian having a real and fair chance at success and having the opportunities, tools, support, and resources they need to prosper is our priority” said the Members of Parliament from Brampton jointly. “We are committed to working together as a team and will continue investing into Canada’s greatest resource – its people”.

The Annual Community Appreciation BBQ was the third barbeque held jointly by the Brampton Federal Liberal Associations and provided a chance for the five Members of Parliament to recognize those that had given them the opportunity to serve their communities.


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Horwath addresses caucus in Scarborough saying role of Official Opposition more important than ever

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

SCARBOROUGH — Andrea Horwath gathered the NDP caucus in Scarborough Friday, delivering a leader’s report in which she said the role of the Official Opposition in Ontario is as critical as it ever has been.

“Doug Ford has attacked the courts. He’s attacked democracy. Now, he’s attacking any person in Ontario who dares to disagree with him,” said Horwath.

“This week has been a stark reminder that the work we do together, with and for the people of Ontario, is more important that ever.”

The NDP caucus meeting in Scarborough comes following a controversial week of sitting of the legislature, called so Doug Ford could reintroduce a bill to meddle in Toronto’s municipal election. Ford’s original bill — written to exact revenge on political foes — was struck down by the court for violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In response, Ford reintroduced the bill, but added a suspension of those Charter rights using a notwithstanding clause.

Horwath said it’s up to New Democrats not only to stand up to Ford’s attack on people’s rights; but to push for the legislature to focus on the problems that have been going from bad to worse under Ford — like long waits for health care, neglected schools in need of repair, and job losses.

“Too many families are still facing painfully long wait times for the health care that they need, only to be moved onto a gurney in a hallway rather than a hospital bed,” said Horwath. “So many of our children’s schools need critical repairs, so kids are in sweltering classrooms with no air conditioning on hot days, and will be wearing their winter coats in freezing and drafty classrooms on cold days. Many even have water fountains that kids can’t drink from because of lead in the water. Meanwhile, an astronomical 80,000 jobs were lost in Ontario in August alone.

“But rather than improving health care, fixing crumbling schools or creating jobs, Doug Ford has dragged things backwards — from bad to worse.

“We know it doesn’t have to be this way, and so do the people of Ontario.”

On Friday afternoon, Horwath and the NDP caucus will hold a community event in Scarborough, hearing about the concerns, ideas and priorities from Scarborough residents and community leaders.


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Akshay Kumar – Vidya Balan to star in R. Balki produced first ever INDIAN SPACE FILM

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

A while back it was announced that the film Chanda Mama Door Ke would be India’s first ever astronaut film, however the project was later shelved due to budgetary issues. Now we hear that Akshay Kumar is all set to star in what will be the first ever Indian astronaut film that will be produced by R. Balki, Viacom and Akshay.

If what we hear is true, then apparently, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Hope Productions that is headed by R. Balki will be joining hands for this venture. If that wasn’t all, the said project we hear will also feature Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan and Nimrat Kaur in the lead, while two more actresses are being locked for the project. Commenting on the same a source close to the development says, “Yes Viacom and Balki have come together for a film which will be the first ever Indian movie on astronauts. In fact, the film will be about sending a crew of chosen people to Mars.” Further talking about details of the film, the source goes on to add, “The said project is yet to be titled, but it will be directed by Jagan Shakti who has earlier been an associate director on films like PadMan, Holiday, and Akira to name a few.”

Besides this, reports also have it that Akshay Kumar, who has already been roped in for the venture will also be co-producing the project. As of now, an official announcement on the same is awaited.

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THACKERAY: Amrita Rao returns to films with this powerful role as Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife in Balasaheb Thackeray biopic

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin

Balasaheb Thackeray is one of the most iconic political figures in India and his biopic is much awaited by many, especially the ones who reside in Maharashtra. The bilingual film Thackeray is all set to release next year with Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the lead and we hear that Amrita Rao has been roped in to play the prominent role of Meenatai. For the uninitiated, Meena Thackeray was the wife and support system of Balasaheb Thackeray.

Thackeray, directed by Sanjay Raut, will mark the return of Amrita Rao on the big screen after five years. The actress was in news two years ago after she tied the knot with RJ Anmol. Explaining about his choice of having Amrita on board as Meenatai, director Sanjay revealed in recent reports that the actress’ face reflects the same innocence that was on Meenatai’s face. Despite her soft nature, Raut considers her as the pillar of Thackeray’s life and his family. He believes that her strong nature held them all together, thereby also helping Thackeray’s party Shiv Sena.

He described Meenatai as an embodiment of matrutwa [which means motherhood]. As for Amrita’s character, Sanjay pointed out that her character spans over three decades, from 1969 to 1995. He also expressed about how Amrita shared a great camaraderie with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This is the first time where the two of them will be paired opposite each other and Amrita is already said to have completed her portions of the shoot.

Coming to Thackeray, we had earlier got a slight glimpse of Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Balasaheb Thackeray in the teaser that was released a few months ago. As for the trailer, the release date is yet to be announced. The film is expected to hit the big screens on January 23 and will have to face three Bollywood films that are scheduled to release in the same week, which includes, Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi, Super 30 and Cheat India.

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