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Delivering groceries at surprisingly low costs

Posted on 18 December 2015 by admin

Cartly is an online grocery delivery service that is exclusively designed for ethnic/community based grocery buyers to save their time and effort!

Cartly delivers the groceries ordered before 6 PM on the same day. Cartly shoppers are trained professional grocery pickers who ensure to select the groceries as per customer needs.

Here’s the story of Cartly as told by its founder Praveen Korukonda:

1.      Describe how the idea of Cartly was born?

The whole story of Cartly starts from our back home, India. My mom used to prepare the list of groceries needed weekly and sends the list to grocery store. The store guy packs the order and delivers it to home. We are used to such type of grocery shopping.

When we came to Canada initially, we found that our weekly grocery needs were not met with single store. Mainly the food we use in our daily life are not available in supermarkets like Walmart or Costco. So we end up going to multiple stores. We did not had vehicle at that time. We had to carry heavy groceries from stores till home, especially the rice and atta bags which would be 20lb each. It was worse when it is winter.

Then we started searching for delivery services for South-Asian groceries. We approached some of the non-chain stores and none of them were provide delivery services.

Being in IT field for past 15 years, my wife (Manasa Pandiri) and I thought we could solve the problem using the latest technology. That is how Cartly was born.

 2.      What was the problem you were trying to solve by creating Cartly?

 We are trying to avoid people from going to multiple grocery stores to meet their daily needs. By partnering with multiple ethnic grocery stores, Cartly will be providing delivery services to the local consumers.

 3.      What’s the best and worst thing to happen since the launch of Cartly?

 The best thing I would say is the response from individual grocers (Consumers), when they are rejoiced finding such a service.

The worst thing I would say is to get the store up online as they lack proper database.

 4.      What do you find most challenging about maintaining Cartly? 

 The most challenging thing is maintaining the prices. Cartly is trying to give consumers the same as store prices, which keep on changing based on the market.

5.      What do you wish people knew about Cartly that they don’t know now? 

All they should know about Cartly is that, it is all about them. Our product prices and delivery charges are 15 – 20% cheaper than the other service providers.

Cartly delivery charges are:

 $5.99 for orders below $30,

$3.99 for $30.01 to $60,

$2.99 for $60.01 to $90 and

$1.99 for orders above $90.01.

Additionally, consumers can save money with coupons and store specials.

 6.      What might people be surprised to know about you? 

 I hope the first thing they will be surprised to see such a service from their local favourite community grocery store, with such low service charge. From November we have started telephone based ordering system so it will be easy for seniors and people who are not used to the technology.

One more thing that can surprise them is that Cartly is offering $10 worth groceries free, as a token of gift for upcoming festival season. (Thanks Giving, Boxing Day, Christmas and New Year)

 7.      When you aren’t running Cartly, what else do you do?

 I believe there use to be lot of advanced technology in our ancient time, I would love to do some research over there and would like to bring some technology back.

 8.      In what ways do you plan to grow the app and website?

 Currently Cartly is only a responsive web app. We are planning to have an Android and IOS app shortly. Along with that we have plan to continuously launch new features to customers and vendors as we have done only 15% till today.

Some of the major features are converting recipe to an order, supporting search for more South Asian languages.

 9.      I found that Cartly also has a blog, what are your plans for it? 

 The main intention of cartly blog was to connect with customers. Then we thought of sharing some healthy but tasty recipes.

 10.  Who are your business mentors?

Being relatively new to the city, most of mentors I met are at the Founder Institute here in Toronto.

I consider Kamal Hassam Founder of IncMind and director of Founder Institute one of my closest mentors. Whenever I chat with Richard Hyatt [of BlueCat Networks], I always get good suggestions on business wisdom. The directors at Founder Institute – Sunil Sharma, Kamal and Ilona Hassan – are people I can count on to give good advice.

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