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Andrea Horwath Offers No Details on Child Care Costs

Posted on 23 May 2018 by admin

Families Need to Know How Much They Would Pay

 (TORONTO)—Andrea Horwath’s child care plan is full of holes, while providing no answers for families earning more than $40,000 about how much they’ll be expected to pay for the NDP proposal.

The NDP says those middle class families would pay an average of $12 a day, on a sliding scale, depending on how much they earn. But when pressed for specifics on who will pay what, Andrea Horwath had no answer and couldn’t say if there would be a ceiling on costs.

Andrea Horwath openly admits that with her sliding scale approach, many families will get no help at all covering the cost of child care. She says she wants to help working families, but isn’t accounting for the fact that, particularly in urban areas, even middle class families are struggling to afford the high cost of child care.

Even more troubling is the NDP promise to ignore for-profit child care, removing thousands of spaces families currently rely on and making it impossible to create the number of new spaces they’d need to make their plan work.

The NDP plan also has no details about how they would pay for the 202,000 not-for-profit child care spaces or how they would build the necessary workforce. Yet again, the NDP platform falls short on identifying how they intend to pay for their promises.

Dr. Gordon Cleveland, respected academic and child care expert, said “the NDP plan is generous but completely unrealistic”.

“Andrea Horwath’s plan leaves some families out and leaves others on long wait lists. It would do nothing to make child care more accessible or affordable for families,” says Liberal candidate for Milton Indira Naidoo-Harris. “The NDP plan is irresponsible, making promises to families they can’t keep.”


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