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Housefull 2 crosses 100 crore mark

Posted on 03 May 2012 by admin

SAJiD Nadiadwala s Housefull 2 which opened to an unprecedented 42 crores in its first weekend has gone on to cross the much-coveted 100 crore mark, making it the second biggest film of 2012. Directed by Sajid Khan the film made an approxi-mate Rs 102.25 crore net in a commendable 17 days despite the ongoing iPL season. The trade also expects the third week of the film to emerge the fourth or fifth highest of all time with Mumbai, Delhi, UP and East Punjab being the most profitable centers. If that wasn’t all, the madcap comedy is also the biggest hit of the year in North india. Says producer Sajid Nadiadwala, “it is overwhelming that the film has made it to the 100 crore club despite releasing during the iPL season. The entire Housefull team is elated.” On a high note adds director Sajid Khan, “i’m happy that my film more than being a 100cr blockbuster has entertained my audience…and I will never let my audience down. So only to my audience from my heart…Thank you.” in overseas too the film has surpassed expectations doing exceptionally well in North America, UAE, Australia and is also expected to cross the £1 million mark in the UK. Says Akshay Kumar on achieving his first 100 crore release, “For all those congratulating me for Housefull 2, honestly 100 crores is just a number but I’d be lying if I would say it doesn’t matter.” Adds John Abraham, “100 crores is a feat very few films achieve and I’m lucky to be a part of that benchmark.” Starring Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Riteish Deshmukh, Shreyas Tal-pade, Asin, Zarine Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shazahn Padamsee, Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty, Housefull 2 released on April 6th, 2012.

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Kareena signs Rs 50m endorsement deal

Posted on 19 April 2012 by admin

Kareena Kapoor will join the bandwagon of soft drink brand endorsements. According to the media reports, actress Kareena Kapoor has signed an endorsement deal with a lemonade brand apparently for a whopping amount of Rs 5 crore. Kareena is currently endorsing as good as 16 brands including the latest one. Apparently, Kareena signed the lemonade endorsement once she learned that her previous contract with some cola c o m p a n y has expired. Other than Bebo, other Bollywood stars who are endorsing the soft drink brands are Genelia D’ Souza, Akshay Kumar, Asin, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor.

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Dav-eh: An urban desi music sensation

Posted on 11 April 2012 by admin

Aabida Dhanji

Who is Dav-eh? Referred to as an urban desi sensation, he released a song called ‘Fly Away’ a few years ago. He has been working on a new album, which he plans to release later on this year. Luckily I had a chance to talk to this up and coming artist. Here’s what he had to say in a recent interview with Generation Next:


GN: What made you join the music industry?

Dav-eh: Well when I was a kid I began to have a passion for the industry. I’ve been doing just about everything. Dancing and singing when I was a little kid, eight or nine, I had a huge interest and then took things more serious, recording my own songs. Then I started recording with Sunny Brown who produced my song, Fly Away.


GN: How long have you been in this industry?

Dav-eh: I started writing when I was about 10 years old and recording when I was 14 years old.


GN: Who are your inspirations?

Dav-eh: I have many influences. Especially when growing up in modern and desi household. Bollywood music, Punjabi music, R&B, hip-hop; all of these are inspirations to me. I would have to say my Biggest inspiration has been Culture Shock; Baba Kahn, Sunny Brown and Lomaticc. I learned a lot from Sunny by working closely with him. I aim to be like him and usually take his example.  

GN:Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Dav-eh: Well there are a lot of artists that I like, but I am a big T-Pain fan. I feel like a lot of artists do the music for fame, but with T-Pain lots of people rant at him for the amount auto tune, effects, anything he uses on his voice but he makes amazing music. Lots of people don’t understand that you need to know how to use auto tune when you know how to sing, some people say using it means you can’t sing but it sounds amazing.


GN: Any performances that are coming up that we should know about?

Dav-eh: Hopefully DesiFest, last year was great, the crowd loved it.


GN: What inspires you to write your songs?

Dav-eh: Lots of real life situations that I go through. I never “b.s” about what other people go through or watch a movie then think about it and write a song based on that. All my music is solely based on my personal situations.


GN: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Dav-eh: I can’t say exactly where because you don’t know where life takes you. But I do aim to be somewhere up in music as a singer for sure.

GN: Any big plans for the future?

Dav-eh: I’m looking into making more music, more albums. I like everything, Dj, Mc, Performing, Producing; all of it. I want to go to different aspects of the industry because I find it all fascinating.

GN: When is your new album coming out?

Dav-eh: Hopefully, by the end of this year or early next year.


GN: Anything you want to tell your fans?

Dav-eh: I appreciate all my fans’ support and love from them. There is no better feeling than fan support, like when people tell you they love your music and that they appreciate your work it’s a feeling on its own!

Now that you know about Dav-eh, make sure that you check out his new album, “Asoka” once it releases later this year. Make sure to also follow Dav-eh on Twitter, Facebook and all other social networking sites to keep up to date with what he’s up to and what’s coming up next for him.






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From porn to Bollywood: Sunny Leone gets an avatar makeover

Posted on 11 April 2012 by admin

The second innings of Sunny Leone, a South Asian pornographic star with dual citizenship of Canada and the U.S. almost resembles a fairy tale. Born into a Sikh family, she was the average kid, going to the temple every Sunday. Academics hadn’t been her forte in school, but entrepreneurship was as she sold candy and lemonade in school and shoveled snow with her brother for money. And the average course of her life continued into her teens as she enrolled into a nursing school at 19, with aspirations of being a model in California, where her parents had moved by then. This is when her life took a sharp turn and she became a porn star; with her first ever nude shoot for Penthouse magazine. There was no looking back.

Understandably, Leone’s decision came as a shock to her parents, but knowing her independent personality, they reconciled to it. In 2003 that she won the title of Penthouse Pet of the Year, winning her a cover shot on the magazine and to worldwide appearances. Her string of successes in the North American porn industry continued unabated over the following years.

In the fall of 2011, Leone joined Big Boss, the Indian version of Big Brother. This proved a major turnaround in her career. Although she didn’t divulge her porn background initially, her popularity with viewers soon made her name the number one celebrity search on Google in India, a position she retained for many months. Although she didn’t win the title of Big Boss, her entry into the contest launched her film career in Bollywood, with leading director, Mahesh Bhatt offered her a role in “Jism 2”, his next film.

Even as she finally becomes main stream from an adult-only actor, Leone has also become a symbol of changing mindsets in India. In a country where pornography is banned and the society is still governed by convention and tradition in a big way, she has become acceptable, if not to the older generation, then at least to the younger lot. She takes this in her stride and feels everyone has the right to do what they wish to, in the end. Even the head of India’s Press Council, Justice Markandey Katju, spoke in her defense when he said, “My opinion is that Sunny Leone was earning her livelihood in the U.S. in a manner acceptable in that country, though it is not acceptable in India. Hence, if she conducts herself in India in a manner which is socially acceptable in India and does not breach the social moral code in India, we should not treat her as a social outcast.”

Despite the ban, 80 per cent of the traffic on her website, and 60 per cent of her revenue come from India, Leone recently acknowledged in an interview to The Globe and Mail. Perhaps she sniffs a business opportunity there sometime in the future?

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Agent Vinod distributors get copyright notice

Posted on 21 March 2012 by admin

JUST as the song Pungi Bajaa Kar from Saif Ali Khan’s spy thriller Agent Vinod is gaining popularity, an Iranian music band has slapped a legal notice on music director Pritam Chakraborty and distributors for alleged copyright violation. The music band Barobax Corp was founded in 2003 by three Iranian nationals Kashayar Haghgoo, Kevian Haghgoo and Hamid Farouzmand. According to the legal notice issued by law firm Vidhii Partners, Barobax had on January 16, 2010 produced and released an album titled Soosan Khanoom which became a rage. “On March 12 this year, the band came across the promotions of the movie Agent Vinod on satellite television in Iran. The song Pungi Baja De… was being aired. On listening to the song, the band released that the initial portion of the song is lifted without any change from the title song of their album,” the notice claims. According to the notice, the band is the owner of the copyright of the song Soosan Khanoom which is registered under the Copyright Act in Canada on June 30 last year and hence the music of the song cannot be used without the band’s permission. Soon after learning about the copyright infringement the band sent their representative Nargis Kazerooni to India to initiate legal action. Apart from music director Pritam, the notice has also been served to Eros International Media, Illuminati Films Private Ltd and Super Cassettes Ltd. “We demand the music director, producers and directors to refrain from releasing the song in the movie or use it to promote the movie. Failing to do so, the band shall be compelled to initiate proceedings to seek a restraining order and necessary compensation,” the notice states. The movie starring Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor is slated for release on March 23.

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Sharmeen warmly greeted on home coming

Posted on 15 March 2012 by admin

Pakistani Oscar award winner, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy was greeted warmly at Karachi airport as she returned home after winning the golden statue, ARY News reported. The Pakistani director won her country its first Oscar for “Saving Face”, a 52-minute documentary about acid attacks on women, and the doctors and social workers who helped restore their faces. Saving Face, co-directed by Sharmeen Chinoy and Daniel Junge, being released this month.

Talking to ARY News, Chinoy said the Oscar has reached Pakistan. The filmmaker said she was feeling great to be in Pakistan. She greeted the nation for this glory.

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Whitney Houston left her fortune to daughter

Posted on 15 March 2012 by admin

Whitney Houston, who died suddenly, last month in a Beverly Hills hotel room, has left her fortune to her 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, according to the singer’s will. Under terms of the will filed late on Wednesday in Atlanta, funds from the singer’s estate will be put in a trust to benefit her daughter. The young woman will get part of the principal when she turns 21, more money at age 25 and the balance when she celebrates her 30th birthday. Houston had long guarded against media intrusion into the life of her only child, whose father is entertainer Bobby Brown. But Bobbi Kristina, who turned 19 on Sunday, has been thrust into the spotlight since her mother’s death at age 48. Bobbi Kristina has given an interview to Oprah Winfrey that will air on the television personality’s OWN cable network this coming Sunday. The singer did not enjoy a very large share of revenues from her work because her label, Sony’s Legacy Records, owned the catalog of her albums and paid the singer royalties for her performances. Houston did not write her hit songs, and did not have revenues for those publishing rights. The pop star, whose powerful voiced fueled her rise to global fame in the mid-1980s, was found underwater in a bathtub at a Beverly Hills hotel on February 11. An exact cause of death has yet to be deter-mined, but authorities do not suspect foul play.

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Vidya gets bolder in her personal life

Posted on 08 March 2012 by admin

Vidya Balan prefers to step out in saris and traditional attires but she admits that after the success of The Dirty Picture she has become bolder in her personal life though not in appearance but in attitude. When asked whether she has become bolder, she is quick to reply: “yes, I have. I am no more apologetic to anyone for whatever I did in my life. People’s perception towards me has changed a bit and I am fine with it.” After the release of the movie director Milan Luthria revealed that he chose to cast Vidya in Silk’s role because he wanted to associate respect with sleaziness.

This was the one compliment that Vidya still remembers. “I kept asking Milan why he cast me but he said he will tell me later and when I heard his compliment I was over-whelmed.”Vidya Balan prefers to step out in saris and traditional attires but she admits that after the success of The dirty Picture she has become bolder in her personal life though not in appearance but in attitude. When asked whether she has become bolder, she is quick to reply: “yes, I have. I am no more apologetic to anyone for whatever I did in my life. People’s perception towards me has changed a bit and I am fine with it.” After the release of the movie director Milan Luthria revealed that he chose to cast Vidya in Silk’s role because he wanted to associate respect with sleaziness. This was the one compliment that Vidya still remembers. “I kept asking Milan why he cast me but he said he will tell me later and when I heard his compliment I was overwhelmed.”

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Up to 70,000 men want to marry Veena

Posted on 08 March 2012 by admin

As many as 71, 240 men have expressed their desire to marry Pakistani actress Veena Malik on Imagine’s show ‘Veena Ka Vivaah – Swaymavar Season 4′. While men across the globe, from countries like the US, UK, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, New Zealand, Nepal and Pakistan are hopeful of making Veena their bride, majority of the entries have come from India. Reacting to the response for her swayamvar, a delighted Veena said , “I am hum-b l e d by the response I have received and am thrilled that majority of the entries have come from India. I want to thank everybody for their continuous love, support and faith in me and I hope they will hold my hand in the most important journey of my life.”

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Asin performs daredevilry acts!

Posted on 08 March 2012 by admin

Bollywood actor Asin who has been quite tied up off late juggling the promotions of her upcoming release Housefull 2 and the shoot of Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan recently got a day off for herself. The actress who is currently in Panchgani for a schedule of Bol Bachchan was delighted to get an unexpected off from her professional commitments and decided to make the most of it. Now not many people know, but the talented actress is a fan of adventure sports and loves trying out new activities all the time. So when she found out about the paragliding facility in Panchgani, she immediately made a plan to try it out as she wanted to spend her time doing something exciting. And that’s not all! It is heard that the pretty lady hires a cycle in the evenings after her shoot to go cycling on a track which is made especially for cyclists, to make most of her stay in the beautiful town.

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