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People can’t throw rocks at me all the time: Priyanka Chopra

Posted on 04 September 2014 by admin

WITH her latest film ‘Mary Kom’ releasing this week, Priyanka Chopra gets candid about dealing with egativity, allegations of interference and more.


Looking sexy in a slinky blue dress (designed by Victoria Beckham, she tells us), Priyanka Chopra is looking perkier than her usual self. The actress in a freewheeling chat with hitlist…

You had said there’s a change happening in the industry in that more people are watching women-centric films…

Priyanka Chopra: Hopefully, it is happening. We, as Indians, tend to focus on what we don’t have rather than seeing the positive aspect of a situation. I am an eternal optimist. Do you accept that we live in a male-dominated world?


Priyanka: Now within those constraints, things are slowly changing in films. Ten years ago, you didn’t see girls doing anything more than dancing in songs and today, they are doing solo woman leads. But at the same time, we are doing films that are commercially successful. For example, I did Barfi!, and it was as much my film as Ranbir’s. Who could play Meenamma better than Deepika (Padukone) in Chennai Express or Katrina Kaif in Rajneeti? That didn’t happen for a long time. Now we are getting equal footage alongside the hero. Also, films like Fashion, Dirty Picture, Kahaani, Queen, and Highway had the respective actress’s solo picture on the poster, but that didn’t stop people from watching those films.

But it was just a phase in Bollywood when women were used as props; if you look at the history of cinema, actresses have done powerful roles earlier too…

Priyanka: Yes, I agree that it died for a while. After Madhuri (Dixit) and Sridevi, nothing was tailored for actresses. But now you see a whole new trend and this is because audiences are more aware now due to the internet. Now you are hired because you are damn good at what you do, and no one cares if you are a man or a woman. Today, so much noise is made when woman is wronged in the society whereas earlier everything was pushed under a rug.

Also, audiences don’t like their intelligence being taken for granted anymore. I love watching masala films, but

I don’t want stupidity in the name of entertainment.

Has your definition of ambition changed too?

Priyanka: I didn’t know what it meant because I was just 17 years old, when I started out. I just wanted to be good at whatever I did and I still want the same thing. My ambition is to be the game changer. I want to leave behind a legacy… people should say that she did something ballsy and cool.

You are judged quite a lot…

Priyanka: That’s because I am opinionated and I put myself out there. Yes, a zillion people love me and that’s what’s kept me going, but it hurts when people forget that a celebrity is not a commodity. I don’t want to hurt people who talk crap about my family and me, as that is not dignified. But people can’t throw rocks at me all the time. I am asking those people to come say it to me on my face and judge me after hearing my point of view.

Has all that hate made you less vulnerable now?

Priyanka: No, I am still vulnerable. It is painful. When I am confronted with hate like this, I get very affected; I cry to my friends and family. It is very hard to keep dignity in silence.

Talking about criticism, we hear you interfered in every aspect of Mary Kom, the film…

Priyanka: One counter question. When men do it, do you guys laud them?

No, we don’t.

Priyanka: When a hero does it, he is applauded but when a heroine does it, it is called interference. Why so – don’t we have brains? Yes, I am totally involved in every aspect of this film. My director hasn’t told me anything about it being interference on my part. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has given me the dignity and respect to be involved in the film, in every way possible.

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Is Kat causing a distraction in Ranbir’s neighborhood?

Posted on 04 September 2014 by admin

A birdie chirps to say that Katrina Kaif’s frequent visits to Ranbir Kapoor’s Pali Hill home, Krishna Raj, sends the neighbourhood into a tizzy.

As soon as word about Katrina’s arrival spreads, or when her car whizzes past the actor’s abode, fans queue up outside the bungalow to get a glimpse of the star.

Once, Kat’s driver had a heated argument with onlookers who tried to get too close to her near RK’s residence.


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bollywood bums

Romancing The Bums: Bollywooders fascination for female derriere revealed!

Posted on 27 August 2014 by admin

THERE use to be an era when romance and music of our Bollywood cine ex­travaganzas use to be circumscribed around eyes, tresses and walk of the dames in the center of the entire cine enterprise. But now it looks like fasci­nation of Bollywooders has somewhat deviated to some other body part of our gor­geous dames.

Yes! you got it right now the latest body part which has grabbed the fascination of our Industryvalaas is the derriere of these stunning hotties. And it is quite con­spicuously visible because these days our cine literati are seldom letting any op­portunity slip out of their hands where they can either make a mention of butts in the lyrics of the song. Or otherwise get the choreog­raphy thing tailored in such a manner that entire focus of the viewers get shifted to the rear of this bootilicious babes.

So to believe what we are saying check out these bum glorifying audio-visual delights from Bollywood movie where butts of our B-town belles have turned into a sort of center of attraction for viewers.



Latest in the league of these bootilicious aural delights is this song from Deepika’s upcoming cine delight “Finding Fanny”, where her co-star Arjun Ka­poor can be seen convincing her to “Shake her Bootiya” on the floor.



Probably the creator of this Rajasthani folk song wouldn’t have thought in his or her remotest dreams that some day this pleasing composition of his/her will get rehashed to sound peppy where “Mann” will be re­placed by “Bum” and none other than Bollywood’s fashionista Sonam will shake her derriere on it.



Although this Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi starrer could not hog the limelight by its content, but one thing which for quite a some time kept on rock­ing the dance clubs is this Pun-Western peppy number, “Butt Patlo” featuring Pulkit and Bilal along with many svelte firang models.



When Kareena and Im­ran were promoting their “Ek Main Aur Ek Tu”, Ka­reena once quoted in a press conference that she finds Imran’s butt quite sexy, but this time when they once again teamed up for GTPM, Kareena instead of praising Imran’s derriere prefered to flaunt her own curvaceous booty.



Just like this entire cine venture even this song could fetch any limelight for itself but in-spite of that because of glamorous Tamannah and its lyrics makes this one an eligible aural chunk to be in this list.



Although “Baby Doll” song from “Ragini MMS 2” didn’t have the mention of any bootylicious word in it, but the way it was cho­reographed and picturised it quite conspicuously un­earthed the intentions of the makers.



When it’s about the booty dominated songs of Bollywood then how can one forget this visuo-aural delight featuring Priyamani and SRK where latter was seen doing a booty shake with the former.



Even Munni Badnam Hui song didn’t have the word bum or butt in it, but inspite of that makers somehow managed to get the limelight focused where they intended to. Thanks to those astonin­shing butt and pelvic moves of gorgeous Mallaika.

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‘Mardaani’ has hit the right chord: Rani

Posted on 27 August 2014 by admin

Actress Rani Mukerji is over­whelmed with the response to her film “Mardaani”. She says the film about women’s empowerment has succeeded in raising awareness as was intended to.

“I am very, very happy. There has been an overwhelming response,” the 36-year-old said here Saturday at the inauguration of defense workshops for municipal schoolgirls.

“Across the globe people have given it a standing ovation, they are clapping. I think it has hit the right chord with ev­eryone irrespective of the gender.

“The fact that we have tried to raise an awareness has been conquered. As team ‘Mardaani’ I am very grateful and hoping that in the coming days we would get to hear many more things,” she add­ed.

Directed by Pradeep Sarkar, “Mardaani” stars Rani as police officer Shivaji Roy, who fights the girl traffick­ing mafia.

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Dia Mirza unveils musical short film ‘B for Braille’

Posted on 27 August 2014 by admin

ACTOR-filmmaker Dia Mirza Monday un­veiled `B for Braille`, a musical short film that aims at promoting Braille literacy in the country, and called it a `benevo­lent initiative`.

An initiative of White Print,India’s first English Lifestyle Magazine in Braille, the film revolves around a 10-year-old visually impaired boy who is in­trigued by a book that he acciden­tally finds leading to a profound connection that he develops with his father’s storytelling.

His earnest connection with books and the stories in them drives his parents in pursuit of a way to teach their child how to read. The innocent joy and hap­piness on their son’s face when his little fingers touch the raised dots, makes them realise the val­ue it would add to his future life.

Praising the effort, Dia said that `B for Braille` is a `benevo­lent initiative`.

`We tend to ignore the issues that don’t concern us directly, but it is important that we introspect and take the more humane step.Readingis something the sighted take for granted while it opens a whole new world for the visually impaired community,` Dia said at the film’s screening at the Light Box Theatre here.

`It’s time we strongly address the lack of awareness that exists, not only promote the beautiful art of reading but help elevate literacy levels. I am extremely proud to be associated with the cause and spread the message of Braille literacy to every part ofIndia,` she added.

Upasana Makati, founder and publisher, White Print, said that the ratio of visually impaired and the literate visually impaired is skewed.

`There is an urgent need to educate and empower, to reach out to smaller towns and villages and generate awareness regard­ing the Braille script.

“Beautiful music, powerful lyrics and some emotional visu­als captured in the film can be the best medium to spread the word. ‘B for Braille’ is our way of taking a step towards making a difference,” saidMakati.

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Smart Move Babe: Alia takes potshot at herself

Posted on 27 August 2014 by admin

SHE became the butt of all jokes following her appearance on Karan Johar’s chat show, but now actress Alia Bhatt has taken a pot­shot at herself via an entertaining video titled “Alia Bhatt – Genius of the Year”, which is gaining popularity on on­line social media.

“So after the ‘Alia Bhatt Jokes’ thing…I decided to FIX my BRAIN! Check this out,” the sport­ing Alia posted on Twitter Monday morn­ing.

A brief description of the YouTube video, uploaded by comedy collective AllIndiaBak­chod (AIB), reads: “What did Alia Bhatt do after the internet turned her into the butt of all jokes? A documentary crew found out…”

The video features Alia herself, with appearances by her father and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, as well as friends and col­leagues like Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra.

It begins with a message that reads – “In 2014, a documentary crew follows Alia Bhatt in the aftermath of her ‘Koffee With Karan’ debacle”.

The video, featuring Alia as herself, is a funny fictional take on what the 21-year-old went through after her general knowledge, rather the lack of it, was known to the world when she called “Prithviraj Chauhan” as the country’s President on Karan’s show.

In the video, she is seen talking about how “hurt” she was when instead of searching for “Alia Bhatt hot pics” on Google, people start­ed looking for “Alia Bhatt jokes”.

She then visits a ‘Dumb Belle Mental Gym’, which offers her to take her from “Dolce & Gabbana to ‘Smart like Shabana (Azmi)’”. At the ‘gym’, she reads newspa­pers and her diet is “three portions of news­papers in the morning” and she is instructed to “skip Page 3”. She is made to brush up her knowledge via music, and she lands on “Koffee With Karan” again and stuns host Karan with her answers.

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Hot Bipasha Basu Wallpapers

Bipasha feels remuneration disparity would remain

Posted on 21 August 2014 by admin

Bipasha feels remuneration disparity would remain Actress Bipasha Basu says the remuneration disparity between actors and actresses will not change in filmdom, adding that she doesn’t loose sleep over this anymore.

“Remuneration disparity is not going to change much,” Bipasha, who is active in the Hindi film industry since 2001, told IANS.

“It’s definitely going to remain the same because the kind of box office Salman Khan does may be a Katrina Kaif won’t achieve that alone. It’s just normal infrastructure and business, so I am not really crying about it,” she added.

But at the same time she feels in terms of role, the situation is getting better for the actresses.

“I believe we are going to get a lot of space in the industry, and women would get to play a lot of role. I think it’s going to change and at every age a woman would get an interesting role to play,” said the 35-year-old whose right now looking forward to her next release “Creature 3D”.

“Now the actress is not just an arm candy who sings and dances. It’s getting better,” she said and added that some of the recent women centric films were good.

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Jacqueline is Yo Yo Honey Singh’s new muse

Posted on 21 August 2014 by admin

After Sonakshi Sinha, it is now Jacqueline Fernandez who will feature in Yo Yo Honey Singh’s next music video.

The singer pencilled in on Jacqueline after seeing her in the Jumme Ki Raat track in Kick.

Like Sona’s video, Jacqui will shoot with Yo Yo at an exotic location abroad as soon as Honey can take time off from his upcoming television show, India’s Raw Star.

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katrina hot

Kat following Ranveer’s Footstep: To accompany Ranbir on sets of Tamasha

Posted on 21 August 2014 by admin

The ‘Bang Bang’ actress Katrina Kaif has decided to to accompany alleged beau for the second schedule of Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Tamasha’. Ostensibly, earlier it was reported that Ranbir Kapoor has strictly asked Katrina to maintain distance form ‘Tamasha’s’ sets!

Well it would be for obvious reasons that RK wanted to avoid the awkward situation of facing his ‘Ex’ and ‘Present’ girlfriend together on the set! However it seems Kat would not be following RK’s guidelines and will ac-company him for the second schedule of Tamasha, which is set to hit the floor in September.

According the the grapevine Kat has taken up this decision because of Ranveer Singh!

A source close to the stars had recently stated, it was Ranveer Singh’s frequent appearances on the sets of ‘Tamasha’ that lead Katrina to take up this decision! Post wrapping up ‘Bang Bang’, now the actress is waiting for her next film ‘Fitoor’ to hit the floor, but apparently that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon as the film is yet again delayed, so Kat decided to travel with RK and spend time with him, instead of staying back in Mumbai.


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EVELYN’S international music debut ‘Something Beautiful’ goes live!

Posted on 21 August 2014 by admin

Evelyn Sharma is riding a high after delivering hits such as Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Main Tera Hero. She will soon be seen opposite Sunny Deol and Arshad Warsi in ‘Bhaiyyaji Superhitt’. Not one to slow down or bask in the glory of previous accomplishments, Evelyn started working on her International Debut with Indo – American Rapper and music producer, Brooklyn Shaanti. The song – Something Beautiful – is sung and penned by Evelyn herself.

She wrote the lyrics to this melodious song at a time when she felt down and out. Her video, shot entirely in New York goes online today! Here’s a link to the song – Something Beautiful – for all to see. Hope this song inspires you as well to see that no matter what, there will always be something beautiful in you!


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