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Eid: the Most Significant Muslim Holiday

Posted on 07 August 2013 by admin

Kanwal Rafiq


For 1 billion Muslims around the globe, the month of Ramadan marks a self-purification process, both mental and physical. Along with fasting, they resist temptations of evil doings, and feelings of hatred or jealousy.

So as Eid approaches and the holy month comes to an end, Muslims take a break from their busy lives and gather with friends, family and neighbors to celebrate their sense of achievement.

Muslims unite as one, making Eid, one of Islam’s most significant days, full of eating, rejoicing, and remembering God and his blessings.

Though preparation for this holy day begins much earlier.

Men, women, and children, all shop for new outfits days before. Delicate designs of henna are drawn onto the hands of young females. Bangles are bought and gifts are exchanged.

For when the day arrives, Muslims present themselves in fresh clean clothes at the mosque for the Eid Prayer. They leave behind with them all hatred and sin, and instead embrace each other with smiling faces, hugs and kisses, showering each other with countless blessings.

But along with this enjoyment comes the remembrance of the plight of the poor, for which Muslims are greatly encouraged to dutifully provide as much charity as possible. This is called zakat. Muslims who can afford to it are obligated to give 40th part of their wealth that they have for over a year. On Eid Day, Muslims give ‘fidya.’

Though as this segment of the day comes to an end, the celebrations thus commence. Parties are thrown, families finally feast, and gifts are distributed as tokens of love.

However, the most crucial thing to remember from Eid is that though the party ends along with the month and day, Muslims keep with them the values and lessons they’ve learned, and attempt to commit to them daily for the days to come.

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Mother’s Day: What is it about?

Posted on 10 May 2012 by admin

Aabida Dhanji

What is Mother’s Day really about? Well for starters we all know that Mother’s Day is held once a year Worldwide for us to all appreciates our Mothers on that certain day. We do this by getting those gifts, pampering them with spas, free dinners, shopping trips and much more. But really when we come to think of it, is Mother’s Day the only day that we should consider showing our Mothers our love and affection? Is that one-day really all we need to show them how much we care about them? I think not!

In my opinion, we should be showing our Mothers how much we care about them on a daily basis. Just as Valentine’s Day is not the only day we should express our love to our loved ones same with Mother’s Day, it is not the only day we should express our affection and show our mothers how much we care.

But then again, that’s just my opinion. Who knows what others have to say? In order to find out, I asked a couple people about how they felt about Mother’s Day and whether they felt it was a day that was more about the relationship or was it just another commercialized type of day. Here’s what they had to say:   



The idea of Mother’s Day is without a doubt a well-deserved commemoration. However, like the majority of other commemorative occasions (mostly holidays) in North American society are commercialized. And if you decide not to get your mum something it looks really bad. Therefore, a gift is a must! I think that by commercializing Mother’s Day we are taught to go out and buy a present and not do much else. The only downside I see to this would not be appreciating your mother and thanking her for everything she does. The gift is a nice gesture and I know for a fact how excited my mum gets when she gets a present. However, I’ve come to believe it’s not the actual gift that excites her but it’s the appreciation and goodwill that brings a smile to her face.I think commercialization of holidays such as mother’s day isn’t such a bad idea because on one hand we are perpetuating our economy. The gift giving is justified, as long we don’t lose focus on the real meaning behind the event. And on that note happy mother’s day to mothers everywhere, we appreciate everything that you do more than we let on.

Neil Ladva:

Mother’s Day to me is about a special relationship you have with your mother or mothers in general but as any holiday is, it becomes commercialized. So people hop on the bandwagon and follow along and do what the media is saying about it or what advertisements say. I personally barely celebrate this holiday because I cheer my mother everyday for who she is to me and how she raised me.


Mother’s day is dedicated to celebrate motherhood on a universal scale. Like other celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, commercialism does find a way to creep in. Amidst all the frenzy of flowers, balloons, cards, and candy, the true value and appreciation of the special bond shared between mothers and her children are lost. Money cannot buy gratitude. There is no humility in those gestures. A hug, a simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way. A mother’s selfless attributes are so powerful making her love so unconditional. A mother gives her child a part of life. Money cannot buy that. If money does have the capacity to buy life, that is materialism. That being said, eradication of commercialism is far-fetched. What’s the point in presenting your mother a gift on mother’s day but refraining from impromptu gestures of love?

Weixi Wu:

I think Mother’s Day is completely for commercial purposes…just like any other Hallmark days. One should appreciate their mother everyday.

Jennifer Vaz:

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to be dedicated to mother’s all around the World, as it celebrates motherhood, and the importance of mother’s in society. Through celebrating this day, it reminds us what an honor and privilege it is to have such immense love and support in our lives. It also creates an occasion through which children can show how much they appreciate their mother’s by making their day special. Much like birthdays and other such themed days, this day reminds us of the important people in our lives.

Chris Bharat:

My Opinion on Mother’s Day is that the day is focused more on the relationship & importance of how mothers are so significant in out life as well as others' lives and unlike Christmas, retailers are more focused on that relationship connection versus making Mother’s Day a day simply for getting in the black. 

I love my mom. To be honest I made a whole YouTube video dedicate towards her. This is what I put in the video description: Before anything, my mom is such a huge inspiration for me. I think there’s nothing in this world that she hasn’t done for me. I love her more that my life. She is so supportive towards my music/career choices, loving and caring.


I’ve celebrated mothers day growing up for a couple of years. It’s been that one day where a mother feels special, as if its her second birthday because she feels so loved in comparison to the other days. Gifts, cards, flowers, chocolate, jewelry etc. But there came a time that all this didn’t really appeal to me because my moms done a lot for me . Though I might be a little rude sometimes or stubborn like kids are, makes me realize that a day isn’t really enough to make up for her lifetime of support, love and nourishment. Not to mention waking up every single day at 6am to prepare breakfast and pack me food. Making lunch in the afternoon, supper in the evening and dinner at night. I personally believe that the holiday is just a marketing/commercial fad which forces people of all age groups to dig in their pockets and buy what ever they feel will keep their mothers happy. If mothers are really to be shown love, than I would love to see someone make up for the lifetime of what their moms done for them. Especially if these kids or people have never prepared food.It’s not easy;trust me.


I believe that Mother’s Day is a day for everyone to remember all of the hard work that their mother’s do or have done for them. We don’t get to thank them everyday and as we grow older we forget to tell them that we love them everyday. We get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget how much they have sacrificed for us. It’s nice for society to remind us that we owe our lives to our mothers. Although we should tell them we love them everyday and celebrate their greatness everyday, we don’t. It’s easy to get caught up in our busy lives so I truly believe that Mother’s day is a nice time to celebrate our relationship with our mother’s! My mother is not only the woman who raised me, she is my best friend, my confidant, my everything. It’s not everyday I make her breakfast and buy her a nice present just because she’s my mother. Yeah Mother’s day might be over commercialized, however it reminds people that they should be grateful to their mothers! Happy Mother’s Day Maja! I love you!

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