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No short trips for York students

Posted on 05 September 2009 by .

York students who were looking up to the new transit that could save them seven minutes off of 20-min rush hour trip to campus the Downsview subway won’t open in September as was promised.

To add to the concerns is the fact that the use the same ticket for York Region Viva or TTC bus service from Downsview also is being delayed until January.

The TTC says a key stretch of the new busway along the Finch hydro corridor won’t be ready until November because of engineering issues around the TransCanada pipeline below the hydro corridor.

A small portion of the bus route onto campus will be complete in September.

The $38 million project was originally slated to be finished last year but was held up by delays in environmental assessments and funding approvals from senior governments.

Toronto is paying about half the cost, with Queen’s Park and Ottawa each contributing $9.7 million.

The subway isn’t expected to reach York until 2015.

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